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October 5, 2014

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Medical Office Furniture – Filing and Storage

Take some time to consider what needs to be organized in your company’s office storage units.  Storage requirements typically depend on the industry.  Most organizations share a mutual requirement to stock basic office materials and apparatuses. In addition to hard copy documents, the need to store equipment, and supplies specific to your organization’s process flow might be required.  If you are working in medicine, you will likely need to store lab equipment, medication, and medical equipment.

While most paperwork easily stores away in a filing system, other objects require cabinets or shelving systems in order to remain adequately organized and accessible.  Cubiture offers both high-density filing and shelving systems.  These medical office furniture pieces provide up to three times more storage capacity than standard shelves and vertical file cabinets–while using less than half of the physical area generally required.

One of the most important services that Cubiture offers is free, complimentary site planning By taking the basic parameters of your floor plan, and specific measurements of individual work areas, we can develop a medical office furniture design layout drawing that will give you a visual idea of how your office can be set up to optimize workflow and performance.  Mapping out these systems before your purchase ensures that all of your needs are accommodated.  The final layout design drawing will include   what you can store in individual workstations and what you will need to store in separate office storage units.

During your consultation with your space planner, you may want to consider medical office furniture solutions that concentrate specifically on aiding you in efficiently organizing paperwork and supplies.  Cubiture sells many lines of product types and also does custom builds that can meet all of your requirements.  For example, to ensure that all patient information remains safeguarded, all storage and filing systems come with the option of turnkey lock installations.


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The ultimate medical office furniture storage solutions involve not only selecting the appropriate filing furniture, but implementing the greatest office shelving solution in conjunction with a records management resolution that will conform to your association’s needs.  We pride ourselves in having a wide selection of office shelving systems that combine flexibility, style, and weight-bearing capacity.  With so many options available, there is no doubt that Cubiture has the solution you need when looking for medical office furniture to help organize and comply with regulations that govern paperwork and supplies.

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