Office Moving Checklist & Tips

Office Moving Tips
October 31, 2014

The opportunity to move your business to a new office space can be as exciting as it is laden in responsibility. To prepare for the big day, make a moving office checklist so that you and your staff members can easily march your way through the step by step process. Having these essentials on hand will help you be time efficient, which will ultimately result in a more cost efficient move.

Materials Needed
The last thing that you want to be doing on moving day is looking for last-minute things that you need to complete the move. Be sure to have the following materials on hand:

While you may want to adjust this list for the specific needs of your company, these are the necessities for most office moves.

· Bubble Wrap
·  Package of Black Markers
·  Clear Packing Tape
·  Moving Boxes of Various Sizes
·  Filing Boxes
·  Old Newspapers
·  Tissue Paper
·  Stretch Wrap
·  Corrugated Cardboard
·  Box Cutter

· Scissors
·  Labels
·  Tape Measure
·  Garbage Bags
·  Pens
·  Toolbox
·  Moving Blankets
·  Hand Truck
·  Water Bottles
·  Refreshments for Movers

Tasks to Complete
In order to help the move go as smoothly as possible, you need to complete as many tasks as possible before the moving day itself. Moving day should simply be for what can't be done until the final transition. You'll likely need to complete the following tasks:


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1. File a mail forwarding form with the United States Post Office so that you don't experience any interruptions in important mail.

2. Donate any office equipment that you no longer need to a local charity. During office moves, it's only natural to go through old and outdated equipment, and it's the perfect time to get rid of it. Not only will that prevent your new office from getting cluttered, but it can also give your company a nice tax deduction while helping those in need.

3. Contact all your service providers to arrange for the transition to your new place. That includes everyone from your internet service provider to your courier service.

4. Arrange for any confidential files and cash that is kept in the office to be moved separately in advance of your main moving day.

5. Secure moving insurance for your business. While you may not have worried about insurance during a personal move, the relocation of a company is a different thing. With all the expensive equipment and other items that you will be moving, it's better to play it safe and acquire moving insurance.

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Customer Outreach Plan
One of the most important tasks that you'll work on before, during, and after your move will be letting customers know about the location switch. It may be impossible to reach every single customer before the transition, but you should try to do so.

Remember to customize your plan according to the goods and services that you offer as well as the specific needs of your customers. Most plans should include the following:

    • Write a short couple of sentences for all employees to stay when dealing with customers in the weeks before the move. The word of mouth message can be extremely powerful and far reaching.
    • Make the announcement repeatedly on all your social media accounts. You may opt to first announce the move as early as a month before it happens, being sure to accentuate the positive reasons for the move. Do so again a week before the move, then daily in the couple of days before and after the move.
    • Send postcards through regular mail to your loyal customers as a more formal way of announcing your move and maintaining customer loyalty.
    • Plan no more than two or three emails to customers regarding your move. Plan succinct, carefully worded emails, and be sure to use the subject line to let your customers know the purpose of the note.

Finally, it's also a good idea to hold a staff meeting to ask your employees for input about the move. They may be able to contribute to your office moving checklist and will be able to let you know how customers are feeling regarding the move. With that insight, keep calm and pack on.

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