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October 21, 2014
Office Reception Furniture

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Customizing your office reception furniture is a very important task.  What you choose will play a significant role in your business because it will be the first thing people see when they enter your door. The following guidelines can assist you in developing a theme that will give your guest the best possible first impression of your organization.

  1. In any lobby, the front desk should serve as the focal point for all of your office reception furniture.  Proper positioning of the desk is imperative. Ensure that it faces the main entrance of your establishment so that the receptionist welcomes those who arrive promptly.
  2. Guest seating is another important element of office reception furniture.  Contemporary seating works very well for certain types of businesses, such as technology companies.  However, the same furnishings are not likely to appeal to individuals who enter a conservative law firm.   While plush, inviting sofas are a popular choice for companies looking to create a comfortable reception area, be careful not to choose a couch that is so relaxed that it seduces your guests into taking a nap.
  3. Regardless of your industry, the reception desk must always be clutter free.  Disorder does not offer the appearance of an office full of activity.  Instead, it sends a message of disorganization. Be sure to invest in a desk that has ample storage and organization features that are out of plain view in order to keep untidiness to a minimum.
  4. When developing your lobby’s design style, pay close attention to color.  The color palate is just as important as any piece of office reception furniture you will ever purchase.  It sets the emotional tone for your lobby, so it should be appropriate for your industry. Bright, bold hues convey a sense of dynamism and creative energy.  Alternatively, muted tones establish a calm, peaceful atmosphere that reinforces confidence, trust, and a sense of grounded stability.

With so many things to consider, you may feel overwhelmed by the task of choosing office reception furniture.  However, there is a simple solution–call Cubiture and request a design layout drawing.  Cubiture space planners will help you customize your office reception furniture to fit both your industry and your particular organization.

Not only will your lobby appear more inviting and comfortable to your guests, but it will reinforce your brand positioning with a look and feel that makes a lasting, positive impression on the minds of all who walk through your doors.


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