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October 5, 2014

Designing Small Commercial Office Spaces to Maximize Efficiency

Are you in need of small commercial office space design ideas and feeling defeated because you do not seem to have enough square footage to incorporate all of the elements that you want?  You might find it interesting to know that it is not the size of your space halting the process, it is the design you are using.  A small office can serve as the creative battleground for you and your employees with just a bit of strategic planning.  While it is important to reduce clutter and utilize storage systems designed for small spaces, creating an environment that flows well requires more vision and preparation than a few haphazardly placed cubicles and filing cabinets.

Use a Layout That Amplifies Work Flow
How can the space you have incorporate everyone, so that each employee feels valuable to the company?  Even if you have to work with a space that consists of 500 square feet or smaller, the positioning of each employee is imperative. A well-functioning office does not need to be large; in fact, there are varieties of benefits small corporations poses that larger ones try to copy.  Is the manager in a large office, or sitting amongst everyone else?  One of many spectacular small commercial office space design ideas is to have the person of authority sit directly in the middle of the office workers; enabling the manager to see what everyone is doing, while also giving employees the opportunity to approach them if needed.

Create Elastic, Candid Environments
Small-scale environments tend to increase the exchange of information and create a positive social environment; which supports learning, job satisfaction, and accommodates greater flexibility.  In other words, cubicles – or other similar enclosures – are not always the best solutions when thinking of small commercial office space design ideas.  If you are a company with a small office, privacy will inevitably be a concern.  However, the meaningful question to ask would be what the right balance for your company entails.

Mirror Your Establishment's Viewpoint
If clients frequently make visits to the office, small commercial office space design ideas can incorporate factors that result in an accurate reflection of your business viewpoints.  Even if your establishment does not see clients in-house, you should determine how your office space represents itself to current and prospective employees.  Color schemes and furniture layouts prove to have a direct correlation between employee mood and performance.

Remaining Within Budget by Selecting Refurbished
There is no reason to buy brand new, especially not since Cubiture offers so many refurbished options.  With refurbished furniture, you get the high fashion look without the price of brand new.  The other benefit of refurbished options is that unlike with ordering new out of a showroom or catalog, customization possibilities are practically limitless. Contact us today.

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