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October 2, 2014

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With the popularity of the open office scheme recently on the up rise, the fact remains that such ideas simply do not reflect positively upon actual workflow. Personnel still require workstations designed to support team initiatives while maintaining a certain sense of privacy and distance between coworkers.

Workers have displayed a great need for their in-cube privacy, even when that cube is shrinking from 8’×10’ down to 5’×5’ in some spaces.  The implementation of small cubicles creates more space that companies have chosen to allocate to group collaboration.  However, there is more to cubicles than how big they are– there is a completely new logic to where you sit and to who is near you.

When working in small cubicles, neighbors can have a tremendous influence on each other’s productivity and morale.  Behaviors in the office can be contagious.  For example, if an employee is being very productive and staying on task, chances are those around them will experience the same thing.  In contrast, if the same team members are slacking off, disregarding deadlines and assigned tasks, that negative morale can spread like wildfire.


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Small cubicles allow for personalized workspaces while providing a budget friendly, flexible approach to office design and layout, without disregarding the needs of your employees in regards to their workspaces.  Panels with glass windows create a sense of openness while minimizing the disturbance of background noise.  Adding these glass panels will give the feeling of openness to your small cubicles, and, with the reduction of background noise, employees will find it much easier to make phone calls than in an open office layout.

Because their modular design allows organizations to reconfigure workspaces quickly and easily, small cubicles exhibit more than just work space qualities.  Layouts determined by hierarchical roles have proven quite efficient in many companies.  Such configurations allow for companies that do not have a budget for a monetary raise, to show workers appreciation by rewarding them with the coveted window seat.  Such utilization of the cubicles themselves for increases in performance proves to be a very effective incentive.

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