What is Sound Masking and Why is It a Must for Telemarketers?

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October 3, 2014

If you've ever worked in a noisy or crowded space, you may have struggled to accomplish your tasks because of the distraction. In fact, work environment can significantly enhance or detract from an employee's performance and sense of job satisfaction.

Audible distractions are primary offenders, and this holds particularly true in atypical office setups, such as a call centers or telemarketing workplaces. Sound masking is an innovative solution which reduces workplace distractions while maximizing employee satisfaction and productivity. If you're telemarketing business is not using sound masking, your bottom line may be suffering.

What is Sound Masking?
Because telemarketing offices typically have many people working side by side in order to optimize office space, challenges frequently arise related to controlling background noise.

Telemarketing companies are increasingly concluding that audible distractions can detrimentally affect employee productivity. A variety of telemarketing industry metrics, including everything from calls made to revenue generated, point in the direction of a valuable conclusion: work environment plays a huge role in employee performance.

And when it comes to the telemarketing workplace, one issue stands above the rest: noise. Sound masking systems offer a cutting edge response by generating low-level background noise that doesn't annoy or distract workers. This advanced sound reduction method not only lessens distractions and fosters improved concentration, but also increases speech privacy by blurring conversations.

More and more telemarketing offices are realizing the value of sound masking because of its positive impact on open office settings. Many businesses use sound masking products independently while others combine them with other soundproofing methods. Absorptive panels, for example, complement sound masking by limiting reverberations and further reducing background noise.

How Can Sound Masking Help You?
A sophisticated sound masking system can reduce audible distractions, increase speech privacy, and ultimately provide a more productive working environment. While this is a simple concept, it requires a skilled hand: a trained space planning professional can help you identify and meet the particular needs of your office. He/she will take measurements and create a CAD layout in order to recommend the model and unit — intercom or desktop — that will work best in your environment.

Offices utilizing sound masking technology not only reap the more obvious benefits — comfort and privacy — they can also take advantage of a number of other mindful features, such as music page interface, user controls, and independently configurable zones.

While telemarketing is a useful tactic to improve productivity, it also serves another critical role: improving employee morale. Trying to perform your job in a less-than-optimal work environment is frustrating. And frustrated employees are lackluster employees. Just how much so? To the tune of a breathtaking $300 billion in lost productivity in a single year alone. So not only are employees less productive because they are distracted, but they're also less productive because they are unhappy with their jobs. Sound masking offers managers a valuable solution to this cycle.

Soundproofing solutions are not one size fits all, but are instead determined by the particular needs of each unique office environment. For many contemporary businesses, sound masking offers a terrific way to increase employee satisfaction and productivity while also having a positive impact on company-wide outcomes.

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