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Custom Office Furniture
October 17, 2014

Recently, unique office furniture has made its way into the office on wheels.  Collaborative meeting areas, which often serve many purposes in the office, now allow for easy reconfiguration, set up and storage thanks to the addition of the simple wheel.  Practically any piece of office furniture can become mobile with the addition of a few weight appropriate casters.  As chairs are commonly the only pieces that are mobile in most offices, desks, storage units, and tables are popular items companies like to adjust for movement.

Sustainability is a popular topic meaning many companies are turning to eco-friendly design ideas when space planning.  One example of an easy change is the implementation of LED lights, which offer massive energy savings compared to traditional fluorescent bulbs.  At Cubiture, we can equip your used cubicles with LED task lights whose luminance equals that of any traditional light source.  You will be amazed at how the color rendering capabilities of this new generation of LED's will bring life and vibrancy to the color schemes of over 500 distinct Cubiture laminates and fabrics.

Unique office furniture in the office shows up in the form of lounge areas, coffee stations, outdoor patio areas, and of course personalized workspaces.  With the multitude of cubicle and other office furnishing options, each employee has endless opportunities to customize their areas.  Cubiture has many of the most popular models available on site at its public warehouse in Houston, Texas.  Allowing such personalization to employees promotes creativity and productivity, leaving your company with improved morale and profit margins.

The combination of aesthetics and functionality reappears in offices with the utilization of unique office furniture.  While the presence functionality in the office is undoubtedly imperative for workers to perform effectively and proficiently, often times pieces that simply meets standards, does not actually help get the task get completed in a better way.  On the other hand, when the same piece of furniture transforms to be aesthetically appealing employees tend to stay happy longer resulting in more actual work time put in.  Examples of unique office furniture pieces that have seamlessly joined form with design would be adjustable tables, flexible monitor arms, or ergonomic chairs; all of which Cubiture displays for your convenience in its fully furnished showroom that we invite the public to visit. Contact us today.

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