Used Office Furniture and Where to Find the Biggest Savings

Office Furniture Used For Sale In Houston, Texas
October 3, 2014

Whether you’re designing a brand new office or overhauling or expanding a current space, used office furniture offers unbeatable financial advantages — up to 90 percent savings, if you know where to look. But outfitting your office is not a matter of grabbing a paper and checking out the Saturday morning tag sales; your selections should align with your comprehensive business strategies. Read on to learn more about how to find the biggest deals on the best used office furniture.

Where to Buy
If you’re stuck on the idea that used office furniture is primarily fell-off-the truck territory, you may want to think again: many companies offer high quality, slightly used furniture culled from a variety of sources.

When businesses shut down or relocate, they often have to do so quickly. Companies which amass an inventory of previously owned office furniture offer great deals on these gently used cast-offs.

These resellers may also carry refurbished or re-manufactured office furniture which has been restored to original condition — both in terms of structure and appearance.

What to Buy
Used office furniture can help you create the office of your dreams while saving money, but only if you are willing to invest in quality pieces. While buying used will offer tremendous savings, it is important to look for high quality pieces.

Metal and hardwood furniture hold up to wear and tear, and can be beautifully restored to “like new” condition. But don’t underestimate laminate and veneer furniture, which can offer a comparable level of durability. Just make sure the laminate adhesive is largely intact. While it can be re-affixed with glue, it’s easier to do in small sections.

And remember: when buying used furniture for your office, functionality trumps everything else. This includes ergonomic concerns. Supporting the health and comfort of your employees isn’t just a morale issue, but can also offer substantial savings over time in terms of productivity and healthcare costs.

When to Buy
While amazing deals can be found year-round, if you’re looking for the biggest savings on furniture, Consumer Reports suggests that summer months — June and July, specifically — may be the best time to buy.

Rushing to fill a space with extraneous items confers no long-term benefits. Instead, take the time to understand your specific needs and only purchase furniture which offers a solution. After all, you might happen upon the world’s most stunning desk, but it’s ultimately no use to you if it’s too small, big or impractical in some other way.

Whether your goals include fostering employee productivity or trimming costs, knowing where to find the right used office furniture offers significant benefits. Regardless of where you buy your furniture, take the time to know your office size and space constraints. From electrical outlets and phone jacks to natural lighting, there are many factors to take into consideration. If you’re uncertain about optimal space planning, enlist the aid of an expert to help you identify and implement the office furniture layout which best satisfies your particular needs.

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