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Wood Office Cubicles For Sale
October 17, 2014

Wood office furniture is available in a wide range of materials and styles to suit many different tastes as well as budgets.  Wooden desks, tables, and shelving units designed for commercial spaces typically appear in modern as well as traditional looks.  Cubiture offers a vast selection of stains that can transform a piece into any style that you seek.  Modern pieces tend to bear clean lines lacking in ornate detailing.  Not like traditional office desks that are rectangular, modern versions show up in round, oval or even asymmetrical designs.

Cherry wood furniture typically exists in either light or dark finishes with traditional wood office furniture, emphasizing carved details and inlays in a dark cherry finish, while modern pieces boast lighter tones of the same wood featuring very plain surfaces.  Oak, another common hardwood used in furniture, proves strong and durable with a medium to light natural tone.  Often sought after for its flexibility, oak wood can take on many different hues of staining which allows pieces to work well with many types of decor.  Pine wood office furniture possibly the least expensive of hardwoods, but is not always as elegant looking as pieces made from other materials.  Its rustic look can, however incorporate well in more casual office spaces.  Due to the soft nature of pinewood, pieces tend to dent and scratch quite easily, but this can add to its pastoral appearance.  To bring out the bucolic, knotty qualities typical of pine, a light stain or linseed oil seals the wood for everyday use.

You may prefer that your wood office furniture be custom-made, rather than select something from our fully stocked showroom.  We can do that too!  Cubiture’s highly qualified artisans and mill workers work diligently with designers to create shelving, desks, or other pieces which conform to the exact wants and needs of the customer.  Not only can we build anything that you can imagine, but with our onsite wood shop, we also have the ability to repair pieces in a much timelier manner than manufacturers. Contact us today.

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