Cubiture Builds Custom Office Furniture Cubicles

Custom Office Furniture Cubicles
November 7, 2014
Custom Office Furniture Cubicles

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Whatever your workflow needs may be, you can feel confident that Cubiture can create office furniture cubicles that will fully meet your requirements. There are now more choices for cubicle configurations than ever before. Cubicles can be configured as collaborative environments for teams of people who work on projects together.  On the other end of the spectrum, they can be configured as completely private offices with floor to ceiling panels and doors that lock from the inside.

Cubiture space planners balance individual requirements for private space with company requirements for employee accessibility. This enables us to build customized office furniture cubicles designed for specific job descriptions and key individuals within an organization.

The following examples represent a few of the more popular and practical custom configurations that we have developed for clients in the past..

  1. Open office cubicles.The open cubicle design has been around for only a few years, but it has become incredibly popular. This style of design invites collaboration and actually increases productivity and teamwork.  It has become very popular among technology and advertising firms.
  2. Semi open design. This configuration is ideal for growing companies that need to quickly expand their customer service staff. It features a range of panel options that vary in both height and thickness that can be combined to create the precise level of accessibility you require.
  3. Boxed cubicles.These are the traditional answer to the privacy issue. They are the most cost-effective alternative to constructing individual, private offices.  Panel heights start at 4 feet and can insulated with acoustical dampening materials to keep outside noise at a minimum.
  4. Semi private cubicles.This is a very popular setup.  It leaves the employee desk area open and utilizes single, desk mounted panels to create individual work areas..

Cubiture space planners can also configure individual cubicles that effectively function as private offices.  Components such as floor-to-ceiling panels, uniquely designed cubicle desks built for ergonomics, glass inserts, concealed power systems, and LED task lighting are just a few of the options you can add to create whatever workspace your employees require to complete their work with optimum efficiency.

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