Five Accessories To Consider For Your Desk Cubicle

Desk Cubicle System For Sale In Houston, Texas
November 19, 2014
Desk Cubicle System For Sale In Houston, Texas

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Desk Cubicle
A desk cubicle can seem awfully plain, but it doesn't have to stay that way. With three partitions, a desk and a chair, what you have are the bones of a work station. It's how you customize it that really makes a cubicle work.

Most accessories, even large ones, are simple add-ons that don't require any type of modification to the space. Simply move them in, set them down, hang them up, or spread them out, and you've got a small office that reflects the work at hand as well as your personality.

Here are a few accessory ideas that you can use in almost any desk cubicle, no matter how large or small:

Short-Nap Area Rugs
Office spaces may be carpeted or not. But an area rug can work in either type of environment. You'll want one with short fibers, as thick rugs will inhibit moving around. Area rugs can warm up and soften a chilly, hard floor. They can also add some color and personality to the cube that you call home from 9 to 5.

Rugs have a tendency to shift around, whether they're on carpet or tile. With a non-skid pad underneath, you can move around in your chair without taking the rug with you. You might also need to layer a thin, vinyl office chair mat over part of the rug to allow your chair casters to turn freely.

Partition Organizers
Organizers are part what turns a plain cubicle into a better functioning office. You might have desktop organizers for small items, such as pens, but you'll likely also want hanging organizers on the partition walls.

Partition organizers give you plenty of room to store papers and files without taking up valuable desktop space. As long as there's more space on the partition, you have room for more hanging organizers. Some even have small drawers, which are a boon in cubicles where there's a desktop but no drawer space underneath.

Whiteboards and Cork Boards
Whiteboards and cork boards can hang on the partition walls, the same as organizers. With a whiteboard in a cube, you have a built-in message station, note pad, or even an erasable calendar.

Cork boards also have their place. While you can't write on them, you can tack up photos, notes, memos, and any other paper item that you like.

Personal Garden Space
Tired of a gloomy work station where the only living thing nearby is you? Try an Aerogarden to bring in some color. Aerogardens are self-contained gardens that provide light for the plants and a spot for them to grow, all in one unit.

You could have a small garden that fits on your desktop, or choose a larger one that sits on the floor. Even in a cubicle that's nowhere near a window, plants can grow and thrive. You'll have cleaner air with a living plant, too.

Book Shelves and Filing Cabinets
Where space permits, book shelves make a real difference in how tidy your work space can be and how much you're able to store. Some small book shelves tuck neatly under a desk. Some are taller, and could function as both storage and an additional horizontal surface for items such as a printer or just a place to set your coffee cup.

As with short bookshelves, short filing cabinets expand your storage ability without taking up much, if any, usable floor space. With a filing cabinet out of the way and under the desk, you won't lose room for moving around. A taller cabinet with deeper drawers can house anything from files and office supplies to your lunch and a coat.

Cubicles give you a blank slate to outfit almost any way you like. There are numerous gadgets that are designed to work within the unique structure of this kind of space. As long as it doesn't interfere with the work of others, the possibilities are almost endless.

Cubiture can help design desk cubicle space, and we also offer some accessories that make work simpler and more efficient. See what we can do for your office. Manufacturer direct prices & FREE layout office space design CAD drawings with every quote.

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