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Refurbished Executive Office Furniture
November 7, 2014

7 Reasons to Buy Used Executive Office Furniture From Cubiture

Define your workspace with used executive office furniture. There are many reasons to buy furniture used rather than brand-new.

  1. Your organization is growing quickly. A rapidly growing organization can be subject to many reorganizations and reallocation of resources. You can manage this growth by utilizing used office furniture.  Because executive styles have a tendency to wear well, they make an excellent choice.
  2. A wide selection is available. Businesses periodically downsize and liquidate their used executive office furniture to recover their losses. Cubiture has access to many of these turnovers and can turn them into opportunities of savings for your company.
  3. Price. Heavy duty, beautiful desks are never cheap when purchased new.  However, if you don’t have the budget to buy new furnishings, used executive office furniture allows you to add a formal touch to your decor without exorbitant cost.
  4. Your start-up business needs to exude confidence. You have launched a new business that specializes in financial services, law, medicine, or another high prestige business.  We can refurbish used executive office furniture in our Northwest Houston factory so that your office will have the formal touch it needs to command respect.
  5. Customization and service. Cubiture offers professional, free space planning to make sure your used executive office furniture fits perfectly into your space. This allows you to visualize your new office layout before buying anything.  Not only do you have a better idea of what you are getting, but you also avoid buying items that you don’t really need.
  6. We provide full turnkey office installations, remodeling, and moving. We offer these services to make outfitting your offices convenient, fast, and affordable. We provide both electrical and telephone set up assistance.
  7. Maintenance agreements and in-house furniture repair. Nothing is worse than having furniture damaged after you’ve just invested a lot of money into it. Cubiture can repair office furniture at an affordable cost, whether it’s touching up veneer or replacing laminate pieces.  While our hourly service charges are affordable for even small companies, you can get even more for less through one of our extended maintenance agreements.

With Cubiture on you side, you can get exactly what you want for a price you can afford by purchasing  used executive office furniture. What are you waiting for? Prestige is a phone call away. Contact Cubiture now at 713-412-0900 to schedule a meeting with one of our space planning experts.

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