Buy Office Furniture Direct from Cubiture

Office Furniture Direct From The Manufacturer
November 14, 2014

Perhaps the greatest advantage that Cubiture offers to businesses is the option to buy office furniture direct from our factory.  This makes us very unique compared to competing organizations in our industry.  Most of these companies act as furniture re-sellers who order what you want from a manufacturer of your choice and coordinate the shipping and installation of your products.  While we are more than happy to procure your office furniture direct from any of the world’s leading manufacturers, we strongly encourage you to consider using Cubiture as your preferred manufacturer. There are a number of advantages that you can expect if you take this path with us.

The most obvious advantage is savings.  Working with a local manufacturer has definitive and immediate cost-savings benefits.  You are basically paying for the cost of raw materials, plus labor, plus local office installation.  There are no middle man fees associated with long-distance shipping or warehousing because we are literally only a few miles away from you. With a fully staffed custom millwork division, and a fully staffed cubicle assembly team, we can design, build, and deliver any type of office furniture direct to your location with minimal turnaround time.

Savings are not only available through Cubiture, but they are also scalable to some degree  Since a portion of your cost goes to procuring materials for your office furniture, your total expenditure can be reduced by purchasing refurbished casegoods, desks, and cubicle systems.  Aesthetically speaking, there is little apparent difference between refurbished items and those that are brand new. A trained furniture professional can very quickly spot the difference, but the average customer who enters your office will never notice any at all.  Up to 80% of the materials in a refurbished cubicle or desking system can be new, but the cost of these materials is still typically lower than building a brand new system completely from the ground up.

You can also generate a measure of savings on production costs.  Labor rates are based upon the number of hours it takes to complete your project.  The more a project is customized, the more hours it will take to complete. Nevertheless, you can control this cost to a certain extent by having Cubiture customize an existing system during the refurbishing process. Once the original work surfaces have been have been removed, we can modify the existing frame and rebuild the system with an entirely new set of materials, colors, and fabrics. Again, you can scale the project to fit your budget by choosing materials that can affordably be procured to produce the desired, finished product you originally had in mind.

Since we work directly with local customers on a one-on-one consulting basis, it is possible to obtain exactly what you want at a price you can afford when you purchase your office furniture direct from Cubiture.  Your space planner will work with you at no cost, and with no obligation to transact, to help you determine the precise furniture system types, colors, and materials most appropriate to your business needs.

While any time is a good time to buy office furniture direct from Cubiture, the very best time to call us is during the planning stage of an office remodel or commercial relocation. We have our own fleet of moving trucks and a team of professionals who specialize in infrastructure services such as cabling, wiring, painting, and flooring.

You do not need to look for all these people when you plan your next infrastructure change.  Just buy your office furniture direct from Cubiture, and we will handle the rest for you.  Contact Us Today.


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