5 Tips For An Excellent Office Reorganization

Office Reorganization Houston
November 12, 2014

Whether you're relocating to a new office or it's just time for a change, an office reorganization can feel like an overwhelming chore. However, in choosing to think of it as an opportunity instead, you can create a workplace that increases everything from productivity to employee morale. Consider these five tips for optimizing your next office reorganization.

1. Talk Tech
Because modern technology changes quickly, the needs of your business are not the same as they were 50, 20 or even 10 years ago. Regardless of the specifics, one truth remains: speed and efficiency continue to be at a premium.

An office reorganization gives you the chance to evaluate your technical needs and solutions to determine what's working and what can be improved. From unwieldy fax machines to color printers, some seldom used pieces of machinery take up space without making a meaningful contribution. If certain pieces are unnecessary to your daily business functionality, it may be time to eliminate these office essentials and outsource the work.

When swapping out or upgrading essential technology, invest in the highest quality equipment possible. But don't forget to upgrade your insurance to account for these more expensive pieces.

2. Space Matters
If you're not making the best use of your office space, you're costing your business time and money. Employees waste an unthinkable amount of time every year looking for paperwork. Investing in a smart combination of storage solutions can help keep employees on track, while also improving the aesthetics of your office space. Rolling file cabinets, corner cabinets, dual-use filing cabinets, vertical shelving and other clever storage options all help maximize space.

This is also an ideal opportunity to update employee cubicles. If your workers are still tucked away in the “beige boxes” of days past, you may be doing them — and their productivity — a disservice. Today's cubicles offer enhanced functionality, such as overhead storage bins, task lighting, and whiteboards.

3. See the Light
Want to instantly improve employee morale? Let the sunshine in! But it's more than a moral maneuver: an abundance of research indicates that lighting has both physical and mental implications in the workplace. If your budget allows, add new windows or skylights to infuse the space with mood-lifting sunlight.

If your windows are old, think of it as an investment: old windows don't offer efficient insulation so you will save money heating and cooling costs by replacing them.

Unfortunately, natural sunlight alone is unlikely to suffice, so complement natural lighting with a mindful mix of overhead and task lighting to help safeguard your employees' eyes and prevent headaches.

4. Have a Seat
The right furniture not only enhances the appearance of your office, but can also enhance productivity. Don't neglect to consider employee comfort and ergonomics when planning your new space. The profound importance of ergonomic chairs, desks and other office furniture can't be underestimated — both in terms of supporting employee health as well as their satisfaction.

5. Think Green
If you haven't yet embraced green technology, there's no better time than during your office reorganization. In addition to fulfilling your responsibility to the planet, this also sends a valuable message to your employees and customers.

Today's consumers are increasingly environmentally conscious and are more likely to support businesses which make eco-friendly choices. Seek out LED lighting, low-VOC products, and sustainable flooring options, such as reclaimed wood, cork and bamboo. Additionally, look into the new breed of surfaces made from recycled materials.

While moving furniture around, employee downtime, and unanticipated expenses may make the thought of an office organization can be painful, choosing to embrace the opportunities that go along with it can lead to better results for employees, customers and your bottom line. Contact us today.

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