Is Your Office Space Design Hindering Productivity

November 20, 2014

Within the design world, office space design ranks higher than you might imagine. Certainly, there are still many offices that are no more creative than rows of desks or grids of cubicles. But the more that's learned about how people work and interact, the more design rises to the surface as critical to productivity and the well-being of people who work in an office.

Is your office on the cutting edge, or is it lagging behind in form and function? There are a few ways to find out.

Is Your Office Fun?
“Fun” isn't a bad word, even in an office. Modern office spaces incorporate unexpected elements that keep workers engaged and in a creative mindset. Collaborative work stations that look more like upscale hotel lobbies and eye-catching versions of otherwise boring items, such as artistic chalk or whiteboards, make offices such as Cubiture such a lively and appealing place to work.

Offering workers a place to brainstorm and let off some steam is also a great idea. Although the Google offices around the world are known for their off-the-charts clever designs, you can follow suit and offer a place where workers can toss a ball against a wall or lie back on a fancy chaise and think. Maybe the days of stuffy offices are becoming a thing of the past.

Do You Have Work Pods?
Work pods are the cousin of cubicles. They're a cross between miniature houses and cubicles, and can look almost any way that you want.

Some pods are large enough for a small meeting and others are smaller and made for workers to have privacy, almost as if they were working in a tiny cottage. The difference is that these cottages are all within the confines of the office, and turn a large, open area into a quasi-indoor neighborhood of pods.

Can Workers Stand if They Want To?
No matter how comfortable any office chair might be, sitting all day is still detrimental to the health and well-being of workers. One up-and-coming alternative is standing work stations to accompany more traditional seated desks. Giving workers a choice lets them move about and reduce the effects of sitting for hours every day.

Smithsonian magazine says standing at a desk offers many health benefits. It can reduce the risk of obesity, cancer and diabetes, not to mention the fact that lets workers stretch their legs and get blood flowing.

Although offices have seen little measurable change over the years, that doesn't mean what's tried and true can't be improved upon. Classic offices with a center hall, and open-work areas with rows of cubicles, serve a purpose. They give workers a place to produce, but they don't offer much more than that. If nothing else, they're uninspiring.

Modern design looks at the broader picture. You should think about where to place each of your workers, but their happiness and comfort is also critical to their growth, which directly affects the growth of your business.

Cubiture has space planning experts who can help you create an office that everyone will love. And this service doesn't cost a penny. How much is it worth for you to transform your office into something extraordinary?

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