Quality Office Furniture

Quality Office Furniture
November 4, 2014
Quality Office Furniture

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Build an Admin Station with Quality Office Furniture

Despite our desire for a paperless office, many tasks are still completed by handling a piece of paper or separate pieces of paper when they arrive in the mail. Typically many businesses are driven by mail, electronic paperwork or even walk-ins.  It is best to organize these paper resources in one place before passing them on to the appropriate person to process or handle.

One of the most efficient means of doing so is with an admin station constructed from durable, high quality office furniture. Typically businesses or business units use the admin station to organize a work queue for the day.  This station serves many functions and generally makes work more efficient in the following ways:

  • Organizes and prioritizes work that must be done including data entry and response to communications.
  • Organizes and coordinates resources such as books and periodicals that are not available electronically.
  • Serves as the home for the company office fax (if faxing isn't done from computer desktops) and a shared printer.

Only high quality office furniture can help you accomplish this.  You can build the design around a basic desk set up and a comfortable ergonomically designed office chair. Because the admin station will see a lot of traffic, you might want to consider using a heavy-duty laminate desktop and heavy-duty metal cabinet design with metal accessories. Your admin station will probably also serve as short-term storage for office paper, coffee, organizing materials,  or printer supplies.

Careful consideration should be made to drawer space, because queuing activities require a great deal of office supplies.

A properly designed admin station will make the difference between work completed in a timely and effective manner or customer complaints for delayed responsiveness. An admin station completes your office by helping you measure things like sales cycle time or how long it takes to get a quote. Cubiture can help you with your admin space planning and furnish this space with the highest quality office furniture in Houston.


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