How To Make The Most Of A Small Office Space

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November 25, 2014

7 Tips To Make The Most Of A Small Office Space:
Gone are the days of two-hour lunches, bottomless expense accounts and sprawling offices with miles of empty space. The economic downturn combined with the rise of the remote worker and the push for “greener” living means that many offices are getting smaller. But that doesn't mean the demands on the contemporary office space are less. What it does mean is that it's time to get creative. Read on to learn seven ways to maximize your office space without minimizing functionality.

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Less visible paper means more pleasing optical space.

1. Cut the Clutter
Nothing makes a space look or feel more cramped than excess clutter. Commit to clutter-busting by investing in thoughtful storage, such as filing cabinets and other storage equipment options.

From corner pieces to wall hanging shelves, there are plenty of ways to contain office mess into storage success.

2. Do Double Duty
A cabinet isn't just a cabinet. In fact, it has exponential multi-functional potential. From storage piece to standing workstation to equipment hub, most furniture can perform multiple functions with the right planning and execution.

3. Equipment Matters
Today's computers, printers, and fax machines are more streamlined and compact than ever before. If you can afford to update your equipment, you'll improve both aesthetics and performance by upgrading to faster, more efficient machinery.

In some cases, you can even get rid of “must have” devices from eras past which are now past their prime or technologically obsolete. (That means you, fax machine.) Keep only the items that you use most frequently, and outsource any related tasks if/when they arise.

4. Get on the Floor(ing)
Multiple flooring materials can make a space look disjointed or chopped up. Instead of using rugs, carpets and hardwood floors in combination with each other, select one flooring option and incorporate it from wall to wall. Whether you select an engineered hardwood floor or heavy duty commercial carpeting, your room will look significantly bigger though this single, simple change.

5. Think Scale
Does anyone really need that hulking, over sized desk in an era where your laptop computer houses the large majority of your workload? While a large desk may have been the domain of the power player in the days of Don Draper, it's now the domain of the dinosaur.

Even better? Today's furniture makers are getting increasingly clever when it comes to delivering more for less. Seek out small scale pieces with mindful design elements, such as built-in file cabinets drawers, whiteboards, and other pieces that are large in functionality but small in footprint.

6. Go Vertical
When sprawl is impossible in small spaces, nothing is stopping you from shooting for the stars; literally, in this case. Many offices neglect to capitalize on premiere square footage: vertical wall space. Wall shelving can free up valuable desk and floor space while also adding decorative appeal.

And while it makes sense to store frequently used paperwork and other everyday items within easy reach, lesser used belongings and backup documentation can be stored in overhead shelving and accessed as necessary.

7. Stand Up
As evidence continues to point to the health hazards of sitting at a desk for extended periods of time, many leading edge businesses are changing to a new way of meeting: standing up. While the concept may sound unlikely, many people find that stand-up meetings are more efficient and productive. They can also lead to enhanced creativity because of the change to a shorter, more intense structure.

For today's innovative small offices, this means more space for contemporary functionality and less space for a giant, seldom used conference table.

Anyone can fill a large office with furniture, equipment and decor items, but mindful planning can lead to the design of a small office that's large in functionality. These tips can help you leverage space constraints into an efficient and progressive footprint.

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