What Are The Benefits Of An Adjustable Height Desk?

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December 16, 2014

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You've probably heard about standing desks, and maybe you've seen them in action. Some people swear by them, and others think they're just another fad. While it's true that the initial hype is probably just that, there is a lot of good in standing while at work, too. Moderation, it seems, is the key. An adjustable-height desk is the middle ground between sitting or standing too much.

Although some of the original ideas about the benefits of standing desks might have been too good to be true, many other advantages are documented again and again. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider adjustable-height desks for your office:

Benefit #1: Improved Blood Circulation
Standing all day is challenging for your back, neck and knees. Sitting all day comes with its own, well-documented downsides. Neither sitting nor standing alone can give the same benefits of moving around. Movement increases circulation. With an adjustable-height desk, you can sit for a while, stand for a while, and change back and forth as you like. Each time you change position, you'll get your blood flowing. And when it's in the raised position, you'll have a lot more freedom to move around.

Benefit #2: Reduced Musculoskeletal Discomfort
When you have the ability to raise and lower your desk at will, you can control the stress that's placed on your musculoskeletal system. An Ergo-Desktop article, “4 Surprising Benefits of a Stand-up Desk,” explains that sitting all day leads to back pain, shoulder discomfort, and even leg cramps. Standing is more ergonomically correct and helps reduce the discomfort that comes from remaining seated for long periods of time.

Benefit #3: Higher Calorie Expenditure
When you're moving, you're burning calories. Standing burns more calories than sitting, so it stands to reason that an adjustable-height desk leads to a higher calorie expenditure. WebMD ‘s article, “Sitting Too Much: How Bad is It?,” states that sitting causes muscles to burn less fat. Stand up, and you'll burn more. Andrea McRoy, PhD takes it one step further, telling WebMD that it's better to stand up every 30 minutes.

Benefit #4: Better Mood
Standing can also improve your mood. Poor mental health is another risk of sitting for long periods of time, according to WebMD. Scientists might not be able to explain the phenomenon, but they have identified it. With an adjustable desk, you're more likely to feel better physically and psychologically.

Benefit #5: Reduced Risk of Diabetes
A standing desk can lower your risk of diabetes, and that's not just because it helps your body burn more fat and lose weight. The Smithsonian article, “5 Health Benefits of Standing Desks,” explains that people who sit all day tend to have higher fasting blood glucose levels than those who do not. Further, the article states that for people who are already at risk of developing diabetes, the harm done by sitting for long periods can outweigh the benefits of exercise.

Adjustable-height desks offer the best of both. Users can sit for a while and stand for a while, and enjoy the benefits of staying more active while at work. Standing too long isn't ideal, either, since it is linked to disorders such as varicose veins and lower back pain.

Standing desks aren't really new at all. Some fairly famous people have been said to stand while working. The list includes Leonardo Da Vinci, Ernest Hemingway, Thomas Jefferson and many others. What's new about this generation of work spaces is the adjustability, and Cubiture can help you find the right styles for your office.

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