Great Examples of Affordable Cubicles

Affordable Refurbished Cubicles For Sale In Houston , Texas
December 17, 2014
Affordable Cubicles For Sale In Houston , Texas

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Affordable Cubicles
Budget-friendly doesn’t have to mean cheap, especially when it comes to cubicles for your office. You want to put forward the best face that you can. But when custom pieces require too much time and too much of your budget, you’ve still got options for affordable cubicles that make your work space look great.

Cubiture has office furnishings for any budget, even yours. Here’s how you can stretch your dollars and outfit your office beautifully:

Used Cubicles Work for the Budget Conscious
Used cubicles let even offices with the tightest budget on the block set up for business with a professional look and comfortable work space for employees. While buying used might not be your first choice, it is a sound choice for start-ups, small operations, and those where there’s little or no wiggle room for extras.

As-is, used cubicles are just what the name implies. They’ve had a life in another office before yours, and come as they are. One of the most affordable options available, used can often be installed quickly, unlike custom pieces that take time to complete.

Refurbished Cubicles Have More than a Pretty Face
Blend together used and new, and what have you got? You’ve got refurbished cubicles, and they’re more than just a pretty face. Refurbishing gives used cubicles a fresh new face. The bones or structure of the pieces are used. But everything that you see and touch, from work surfaces to chair fabrics, is new.

Refurbished cubicles cost a bit more than as-is, used pieces. But instead of the potential for a mismatch here or there and a dent or ding somewhere else, you’ll only see a contiguous look with finished and fabrics that coordinate throughout.

Refurbish Existing Workstations and Save Even More
Maybe your cubicles function just fine, but you’re tired of looking at the wear and tear that’s accumulated over the years. If you aren’t in the market for new cubicles but would still like to freshen up your office, refurbishing what you’ve got makes a lot of sense. It’s like a time machine that takes your office back to the day when everything was new.

Cubiture can take your old panels, desks and seating and give everything a brand new look. Where there were scratches on a desktop, you’ll find a beautiful new surface in nearly any color that you like. Where fabrics on panels or chairs might have stains or snags, you’ll have a consistent look that’s new and fresh.

Exercise caution if a deal seems too good to be true. New, discount cubicles and other office furnishings might not last, which means you’ll replace them sooner or be left living with shabby work stations.

Instead of buying on the cheap, think about long-term functionality. Whether you settle on as-is used or refurbished, or if you opt for refurbishing what you already own, you’ll be happy with the results. You might even get a trade-in discount or tax credit when Cubiture liquidated old furnishings for you.

You might not be ready to splurge on new, custom office furniture, but that doesn’t mean you can’t buy good quality pieces. Let the experts at Cubiture help you plan your work space and select the right affordable cubicles for your office.

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