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Contemporary Office Cubicle
December 23, 2014
Contemporary Office Cubicle

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Think you know everything about contemporary office cubicles? Chances are, there's a surprise or two. A contemporary office cubicle bears little resemblance to some of the more ordinary and uninspiring work spaces you might have seen. They're much more functional than a simple desktop, chair and short walls; they're a lot more attractive, too.

When you're ready to design work stations for your office, keep in mind these fundamentals that make the modern office a great place to do business:

Company Culture Determines Aesthetics
What's beautiful for one office might be out-of-place in another. Company culture plays a big role in the design that's right for your space. But an attractive cubicle still shares some of the same elements, regardless of its style.

Color is important. Former Mashable editorial intern, Taylor Casti, explains in “7 Design Tips for a More Productive Office,” that color can stimulate productivity, and it can also soothe. For an upbeat, high-energy office (think of the wild work spaces at Google), bright, highly saturated colors are what you need. For a soothing environment, dial down the color saturation.

Workflow Considerations Affect Efficiency
There's nothing overly scientific about workflow, at least not on the surface. But it is a major consideration in contemporary office cubicle design. Your workflow is how you do business, and how your employees work with and around each other.

Workflow offers as many parameters for cubicle design as budget and company culture. Do your workers collaborate often, move around a lot, and tend to communicate throughout the day? Cubicles with a more open feel, low partitions, and maybe shared space encourage batting around ideas. But where workers need solitude to focus on individual tasks, higher partitions provide a more enclosed feeling where distractions are minimized.

Ergonomics Determines Comfort
A comfortable worker is a happy worker. Ergonomics can affect so many different things, from the health and well-being of the people in your office to the volume and quality of work that they produce. It can boost morale, improve focus, and help keep energy levels up.

And ergonomically correct contemporary office cubicles should have a ergonomic chair that fits the individual, and it also allows for adjustments. It supports the curve of the back, and allows the user's feet to rest flat on the floor, both of which keep the spine in a naturally straight position. The desk top, which should be adjustable, works with the chair to create a low-stress posture. At the correct height, the user doesn't have to bend or reach, but can sit in a relaxed position without straining any muscles.

Contemporary office cubicles don't have to look or feel like anything you've used in the past. In fact, some of the newest designs can make you rethink everything you thought you knew. But even if your budget is tight, a simple setup can function better when you work in the basics of good design.

Let Cubiture help you design an office space that's positively inspiring. We offer complimentary planning services, and we collaborate with you one-on-one every step of the way. See how different cubicles can be when you work with the experts.

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