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December 1, 2014
Ergonomic Office Chairs For Sale

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Ergonomic Office Chairs
A “bad back.” If you have one, you already know the pain and suffering involved with this debilitating chronic condition, as well as the importance of taking ongoing steps to promote back health. If you don’t have a bad back, count your blessings…and commit to keeping it that way. How? By investing in an ergonomic office chair. Here’s what you need to know.


Look familiar? It doesn’t have to.

You And Your Office Chair
The research is in: sitting for extended periods of time is bad for you. But sitting on a poorly made or ill-fitting chair can take an even more serious toll on your lifelong health and well-being. Without proper care, daily work habits can lead to distortions of the spine and the discomfort, pain and frustration that go along with it.

Considering that the average American works 47 hours a week and the majority of hours are spent sitting in a desk chair, the importance of finding the right one is paramount.

How Do You Know
If you’re experience back pain, stiffness in your legs and knees, shoulder strain and even headaches, the cause of all of these ailments could be a single, insidious culprit: your office chair. Sitting for extended periods of time stresses the body in a multitude of ways, and an inadequate office chair exacerbates the problem. If you’re experiencing these symptoms, it’s most likely time to make the switch to an ergonomic office chair.

Why Ergonomic?
Ergonomics — AKA “human factors engineering,” but perhaps most simply defined as “the study of work” — is an increasingly prioritized factor when it comes to contemporary office planning. While the tendency of the average office worker is to hunch toward the computer, the preferred seated posture involves sitting back to benefit from a chair’s full spine support. Ergonomic office chairs, which support the body throughout the daily work process, are designed by engineers to encourage an optimal sitting posture.

But it’s not enough to just invest in an ergonomic chair: you also have to embrace its full functionality. Adjustable features, including height, depth and angle of the backrest, can help keep your spine properly positioned and in optimal health.

While finding the right chair and using it properly is essential, the principles of ergonomics work best when applied to your comprehensive working space: from the height of your depth to the width of your computer screen. Ideally, these things don’t work as separate entities but come together into one comprehensive, ergonomically beneficial workstation.

Reap the Benefits
While alleviating back pain is more than enough reason to switch to an ergonomic chair, there are plenty of other reasons to do so. When your back feels better, so do you: quality of life improves comprehensively when you take necessary steps to improve your spine health.

And the benefits are exponential: from fewer sick days to reduced worker’s comp claims, productivity skyrockets while health care expenses decline.

All movements in your body relate back to the spine — from balanced to shock absorption to protecting your spinal nerves and spinal cord. Isn’t it time to say “thank you”? And while the upfront cost of buying an ergonomic chair may not be at the top item on your budget, maybe it should be: after all, an investment in your chair is an investment in your health, and what’s more important than that?

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