4 Executive Office Chairs

Ergo Executive Office Chairs For Sale
December 16, 2014
Ergo Executive Office Chairs For Sale

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Executive Office Chairs
You might not have given yours much thought before. However, failure to consider your individual needs and preferences when choosing an office chair is an oversight with potentially significant implications. Why? Because most office workers spent at least eight hours in an office chair while at work. In other words: a full third of your entire day is spent seated in your office chair! Instead of settling for any old seat, take the time to find one that's the perfect fit. Read on for our compilation of four types of executive office chairs.

1. Leather

Nothing says “power player” quote like a leather office chair. If you're looking to make a big impression while also experiencing the luxe feel of a chair of extraordinary quality, look no further than leather.

The choice of top-level executives for many years, leather chairs add sophisticated appeal to any space — whether you're shopping for your home office or work. Leather comes in many colors, from classic neutral blacks and browns to contemporary shades of caramel, burgundy and even charcoal.

While leather office chairs come at a variety of price points, be prepared to pay more for the most durable and luxurious materials. The extra expense is worth it: well-made leather chairs can last for years.

Leather executive office chairs also come in a variety of styles. If you prepare plain, clean lines, seek out a model with simple stitching detail. If your tastes run to the more ornate, button tufting adds flair.

One thing to keep in mind when choosing leather? It does require routine care to maintain its soft sheen and supple feel.

2. Vinyl
If you want the look of leather without the hefty price tag, vinyl is a popular alternative. Also available in your choice of color and with styling details comparable to those found in leather, vinyl executive office chairs not only cost less than high-end leather, but also require less regular care thanks to handy wipe clean surfaces. Some even feature a massage function for exceptional comfort at an affordable cost.

If you work in a high-traffic office, vinyl offers yet another benefit: many manufacturers offer vinyl seating featuring a coating that is both antibacterial and antimicrobial.

3. Mesh
When mesh first made the office furniture scene, it had its fair share of skeptics. Its durability, attractiveness and comfort has since turned most early critics into fans.

The most noteworthy attribute of mesh furniture? Its sublime breath-ability. If you're sensitive to heat and/or sweat-prone, you're probably familiar with the sticky, uncomfortable feeling of sitting on a leather or vinyl chair on a sweltering summer day. Mesh spares you this unpleasant sensation by allowing air to circulate through the back of the chair as opposed to fabrics like leather and vinyl, which act as insulation on a hot day.

Mesh is also known for its surprising strength and pliability. Because its fibers are woven tightly together, it holds up to everyday wear and tear while conforming to the curves of the body to offer a comfortable and posture-friendly seating option.

4. Ergonomic
While leather, vinyl, and mesh executive office chair models may be available in ergonomic styles, this style of chair still deserves a category of its own. Why? Because ergonomic executive chairs are an essential part of health and safety in the contemporary workplace.

When selecting your office chair, look for ergonomic features, such as mechanical or pneumatic adjustment controls, swivel function, and casters for easy mobility. All of these can help prevent everything from back pain to migraines.

Ultimately, choosing between styles of executive office chairs is a personal decision based on your own preferences related to aesthetics, feel and functionality. Taking the time to make the right selection not only ensures that you'll have a comfortable place to sit, but also facilitates ongoing health and wellness.

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