Leather or Mesh Office Chairs?

Leather or Mesh Office Chairs?
December 15, 2014
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Mesh Office Chairs

Comparing leather and mesh office chairs is a bit like contrasting apples with oranges: both are a tasty choice, but the preference for one or the other lies with the individual. If you're having trouble deciding between these two appealing office furniture options, don't miss this piece which takes a closer look at leather and mesh.

Luxe Leather Office Chairs

When you picture a high-powered executive reclining on his workday throne, there's likely one type of office chair that comes to mind. Leather. Why? Because leather represents the ultimate in power, elegance and sophistication.

The modern-day equivalent of the red “power tie,” a leather chair signifies strength and leadership. If you're looking to make a bold first impression to clients and coworkers, a leather chair delivers exactly that.

But leather doesn't just look good; it also feels great. Known for its supple softness, many leather-lovers would argue that there's nothing quite like the feeling of sinking into a luxe leather chair.

The only occasional hitch with leather? If you work in a very hot office or sweat a lot, leather can stain over time may lead to cracks in the leather. While this problem can be remedied with protective covers, there's an even easier fix: Stop sweat before it starts by wearing antiperspirant on hotter days.

But leather is only as good as its quality. When choosing leather chairs, don't be tempted by a pricetag that seems too good to be true. In this case, it probably is. Cheap, low quality leather can be brittle, thin, and wear easily. Considering that high quality leather is exceptionally durable, it's wiser to pay more for a chair of extraordinary quality as this investment is likely to pay for itself over the long run. Rather than risk sending yet another inferior chair off to the landfill, leather represents a smart choice.

Mindful Mesh Office Chairs

Stevie Nicks sang about leather and lace, but for many contemporary office workers, there's an entirely different material of choice: mesh.

One of the primary advantages of mesh is high up on most office worker's “must have” lists: comfort. Considering the hours upon hours that the average worker spends sitting at a desk, mesh offers an ideal combination of ventilation and design. While upholstered chairs can trap heat and lead to stickiness and sweat, mesh is breathable. The result? Even in the most high pressure situations, employees feel cool and dry. The office equivalent of sandals, mesh offers a fresh, comfortable option.

Another advantage of mesh? While it may look thin, mesh is actually very durable. Strong, tightly woven fibers add up to a chair designed to survive years worth of wear and tear with minimal maintenance.

This strength also plays out in another important area: support. Employees looking for a chair that shapes to the contours of their body while fostering proper posture will find these attributes and more in mesh.

Furthermore, most mesh chairs are ergonomic and highly adjustable so workers can customize chairs to their individual needs.

Style is also important when designing your office, and mesh chairs don't disappoint. Fans of modern decor will love the sleek, chic look of mesh — the perfect complement to most office decors.

Ultimately, leather and mesh present two very different yet equally favorable options for the contemporary office worker. The decision should be guided by your own personal needs and preferences, so take time to consider these factors before making your choice.

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