Is Your Office Furniture Too Pricey?

Refurbished Office Furniture
December 4, 2014

Your office space and its furnishings represent your business as much as workers do. A cheaply appointed office does nothing for morale or the business reputation, especially if customers or clients are invited inside. And it will only look worse as time goes on. But is there such as thing as too much?

Just as you don’t want to throw money away on bargain furniture that looks cheap and won’t hold up, there’s also a risk of spending too much. Here’s how to know if your office furniture is just right, or just too much:

Does the Furniture Fit in the Budget?

The budget is king, first and foremost. If your office furniture fits in the budget, there may be no reason to worry about whether a piece here and there cost more than you wanted to spend.

That said, maxing out the budget just because you can isn’t a smart approach. If two chairs offered the same quality, comfort and style, but one cost significantly more, there may be no reason to choose the higher-priced model.

Are Excesses Justifiable?

It’s doubtful that you’d choose a desk with gold-plated trim, even if it was an option at the showroom. But there are other extras that might be nearly as questionable, and some that make good sense to splurge on.

Upgraded finishes and other options can help preserve the office furniture investment. For example, if a chair has one standard upholstery fabric and also an optional line of upgraded fabrics that resist stains, fading and stress rips, choosing the upgrade makes good sense for the longevity of the piece. If the upgrade is only for the sake of appearance, the excess expense might not be justifiable.

Is the Business Under Public Scrutiny?

Some businesses face a lot of scrutiny from the public. One such example is Texas A&M San Antonio, which recently found its president’s suite installation under a magnifying glass. There’s no denying that the fixtures and furnishings were beautiful. But Fox News San Antonio’s Yami Virgin called into question the $150,000 + price tag, even though the school’s representative confirmed that the purchases were within budget.

Sometimes excessively priced furnishings should be weighed against what’s suitable, no matter how high the budget. If the business is accountable to others on the outside, more conservative choices might be a better choice.

There’s hardly a business anywhere that dreams of poorly made, unattractive office furniture. But at the opposite end of the scale, there is such a thing as too much. The trick is striking a balance between budget-friendly and quality pieces.

The professionals at Cubiture are experts at finding the right balance for any business, whether it’s a small office or a large corporate building. With space planning services and a wide range of reasonably priced new and used office furniture, you can be sure your budget won’t take a beating. And the furniture that you choose will look great and last for years.

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