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Ergonomic Office Workstations & Cubicles For Sale In Houston Texas
December 17, 2014
Ergonomic Office Workstations & Cubicles For Sale In Houston Texas

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Designer, office workstation cubicles inventor, and former Herman Miller president, Bob Propst, could see as early as the 1960s that for an office to really work, it had to consider its users. It was his landmark Action Office® plan that shook up the old-fashioned office layout and injected a healthy dose of much-needed realism.

Much has changed since the early days of cubicles and the inception of an open, flowing office plan. And in some offices, cubicles are certainly not used to their best advantage. But a couple of things do remain: The way businesses operate will always evolve, and the best work stations conform to their users – not the other way around.

The fundamentals of an efficient work station can be condensed into a few points. Your workers and business model will help you customize the rest.

Attractive Cubicles Build Morale and Reputation
The most efficient and well-built work stations in the world won’t do much for creativity, morale or your reputation if they aren’t attractive. While you probably wouldn’t choose silk panels or a roomful of solid oak desks, that doesn’t mean your only other option is to settle for boring, plain, or ugly design.

Attractive office work stations use materials that look good and will handle daily use. Components, such as filing cabinets, might be individual, but that doesn’t mean they can’t compliment the desks, chairs, and wall panels. Cubiture has hundreds of finishes for you to choose from, including laminates, wood, and an array of fabrics in nearly any color and pattern that you can imagine.

Efficiency is Relative
Ask 10 different office workers what they need in an efficient work station, and you’re likely to walk away with 10 unique answers. Where a worker routinely handles volumes of paperwork, convenient storage that’s within easy reach is a priority. But where a worker primarily uses a computer, filing cabinets and other storage might only be in the way.

The key to efficient working is having what you need close at hand without anything else cluttering up the space. And where collaborative work is important, low walls and joined work stations are as important as any single feature that you could add.

Ergonomics Make it Comfortable
Do your workers head for the coffee pot at 3 o’clock? That’s the classic time for a slump to set in, when workers feel tired, sore, and need to stretch their legs. But when you incorporate ergonomics into office design, you might find that the effect is dramatic.

Ergonomics can be complicated, but the theory is not. When the body is allowed to stay in a natural position with adequate support, workers experience fewer aches and pains, and stress-related injuries. Desks and chairs that adjust to the user help avoid unnatural and stressful work positions. And as with efficiency, having everything within easy reach means less over-extending and strain to get the job done.

Office workstation cubicles don’t have to be boring, and they can actually be a delight for everyone to use. Design around your workers, and you’ll have a happier, healthier office.

Cubiture offers complimentary design and planning services to help you build the best office that you can. Our experts will create the most efficient plan for your business, and help you fill it with the right cubicles and furniture for your budget and the comfort and productivity of your workers.

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