4 Rolling Office Chairs To Boost Productivity

Ergonomic Rolling Office Chairs On Sale
December 4, 2014
Ergonomic Rolling Office Chairs On Sale

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Ergonomic Rolling Office Chairs
A chair is just a chair, right? Not if you’re one of the millions of office workers who spends upwards of eight hours a day sitting in one. The right office chairs don’t just feel great, they can also provide critical support for both the body and workflow. Here’s a round-up of some of the best productivity-boosting rolling office chairs.

1. Task Chairs
Task are likely the first kind of seating option that comes to mind when you think about office chairs. Engineered to offer sublime support for the back as well as the arms, today’s ergonomic task chairs demonstrate attention to detail in key areas, including adjustable height and armrests to help keep the body in a healthy position. The result? Hours spent working on a computer are far less stressful on the body. In fact, the more comfortable and supportive the task chairs, the longer employees can work at their workstations. They’re also likely to take shorter breaks and better focus.

Cheap, poorly-designed chairs can have even greater implications, however. The everyday use of non-ergonomic chairs can lead to a variety of long term health problems, including everything from back pain to carpal tunnel syndrome. In turn, this can lead to higher rates of absenteeism as well as an increase in worker’s comp complains.

2. Conference Chairs
Meetings get enough slack without adding inferior conference chairs to the mix. As employers strive to maximize meeting productivity, conference chairs deserve a second look. Why? Because concentration and attention are compromised by distraction. And as anyone who’s ever sat in an uncomfortable chair for an extended period of time will tell you, there’s nothing more distracting than an uncomfortable chair.

And it’s not just employee comfort and productivity you have to worry about. If you plan to entertain clients in your conference room, the aesthetics and functionality of your chairs become even more critical.

In addition to an attractive appearance and ergonomic design, conference chairs should also be intuitive and easy to operate. With many people coming in and out for meetings, there’s little time for learning curves. Guest and training room seating also fall into this category.

3. Executive Chairs
Today’s executives face many challenging decisions. A comfortable and supportive office chair can reduce stress while helping keep business leaders’ minds on the work at hand, not on their uncomfortable chairs.

High-back chairs with optimal back and neck support are ideal for executives who spent the majority of their workday sitting.

4. Drafting Chairs
Contemporary drafting chairs have recently earned a category of their own. While drafters used to rely on mere stools for work seating, today’s mindfully designed drafting chairs offer an unparalleled level of comfort which directly impacts productivity and quality of work. After all, who can be creative when they’re deal with back or neck pain? Not only that, but an uncomfortable chair can also lead to rushed or inaccurate work. In short, while the right drafting chair can stimulate the mind, an inferior chair can have a stifling effect.

At the end of the day, all rolling office chairs are not created equally. When outfitting your workstation or office, be sure to first determine the type of chair that best meets your individual needs and work processes. Whatever style you choose, ergonomic support is an investment in the ongoing health and morale of employees as well as your business’s bottom line.


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