Commercial Office Furniture: Covering the Basics ML-112

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January 13, 2015

Commercial settings differ a bit from a typical office environment. They can be more demanding, and workers might arrive at the office wearing jeans and work boots instead of a suit and tie. This type of office doesn't have to be plain and unattractive. But it does need some special furnishings that work as hard as its users do.

Here are some of the most important elements that you'll need to look for in commercial office furniture:

All Furnishings Should be Rugged
Industrial environments can dish out some abuse, and the furnishings in commercial office spaces have to stand up to it for years. No shrinking violets, these desks, partitions, office chairs, and other elements have durable construction to withstand gear bags, tools, and several rotating users as easily as one worker and a computer without showing wear and tear. Where workers rotate often, desks and chairs need adjustable features that won't wear out.

Commercial Noise Control is a Priority
Noise can be problematic in an industrial setting, but special cubicle partitions can help control it. Noise reduction acoustical panels are part of what make this furniture perform well. There may be several people circulating the office frequently, and there may also be numerous workers using telephones all day. And if there is an adjoining warehouse, factory, or shop, keeping machinery sounds at a minimum is even more important.

Surfaces Should Resist Dirt, Stains, and Wear
Where the business of the day is anything but delicate, ease of cleaning can be the difference between office furniture that looks great for a month or pieces that look great for years. Easy-care surfaces, such as scratch-resistant laminate desk tops withstand everything your office can dish out and clean up without leaving a trace. And stain-release upholstery fabrics for chairs mean spills or dirt from clothing won't leave a permanent mark. These elements help keep even the busiest and grittiest office looking clean and professional.

Commercial Doesn't Have to Mean Unattractive
Although high style might not be at the forefront of commercial office design, the furnishings that you choose should reflect quality and good looks. Desks can be rugged and easy to clean, and still have great design. Chairs might not be upholstered in executive-quality leather, but they can look modern and offer the adjustability and ergonomic support that all office workers need. Simple, clean lines are low-fuss, but they can also create a professional-looking environment.

You've probably seen plenty of commercial offices with mismatched furnishings, scratched desks, wobbly chairs, and partitions that have seen better days. But you have more options, and they don't have to wreck your finances. With Cubiture, you've got an extensive selection of strong and capable furnishings at affordable prices for any budget, be it great or small. You can even choose refurbished pieces that combine the affordability of used office furnishings with a face lift that makes them look as great as their price tags.

Call 713-412-0900 for a free quote today, and take advantage of Cubiture's complimentary space planning services. We can help you find the commercial office furniture that you need, and create a work space where it all fits together perfectly. Contact us today

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