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January 7, 2015
Designer Home Office Furniture

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Designer Home Office Furniture

All home office furniture isn't created equally. While basic, mass-produced furniture may get the job done, designer home office furniture offers an appealing alternative thanks to mindful design elements engineered to optimize both space and efficiency for enhanced workplace productivity and safety. From desks and desk chairs to office accessories, understanding your options can help you create the very best workspace.

Desk Details
Office Desks may seem pretty straightforward, but finding one that complements your work style can significantly enhance your workflow. The right combination of open and closed storage cabinets, high-quality materials, and features such as full-extension glides can enhance both comfort and functionality.

In addition to suiting your needs, the right desk will also suit your particular workspace: the latest modular styles offer unparalleled versatility while smaller styles make smart sense in tight office spaces.

Of course, lack of smart desktop accessories can make honing in on the perfect desk a moot point; look for everything from desk organizers to whiteboards to complete your space.

Chair Choices
A chair is just a chair right? Not so — particularly when the average employee is sitting in it for upwards of 40 hours a week.

When it comes to your command center, but form and function are essential. The best chairs made with sublime fabrics, such as leather and mesh, convey a message of confidence and power to clients, coworkers and other visitors.

Other details, including everything from button tufting to covered armrests, add to a designer chair's appeal.

A designer chair feels as good as it looks thanks to a commitment to comfort. Chairs with pneumatic seat height adjustment, reclining technology, tilt lock mechanisms and padded headrests all ensure that you'll be sitting pretty from morning until the workday's end.

And did you know that most contemporary designer chairs are actually good for you? Ergonomic design prioritizes your health and wellness by keeping your body in proper alignment to help prevent back, shoulder and neck strain and injury.

Ultimately, a well-made designer office chair is an investment: the higher its quality, the longer it will last.

Smart Storage
Seen one file cabinet, seen them all? Not so when it comes to the latest trends in storage. From mobile modular storage ranges which offer unbeatable customization engineered to encompass today's flexible work zones to super-slim storage cupboards designed to deliver large storage capacity with a minimal footprint, these clever options offer savvy workplace functionality.

Multi-Purpose Solutions
One of the best things about today's designer office furniture? Many pieces are designed to be infinitely adaptable.

Consider the latest trends in cubicles, for example, which are anything but your mother's beige box. Today's designer cubicles now offer enhanced functionality designed to incorporate the majority of an employee's workday needs — from ergonomic design to functional features, such as task lighting, file storage, and much more. Many are even wired for easy access to the latest technology.

Before making a decision about new office furniture, remember that good design is more than a piece of furniture, it's a tool which can help you work more comfortably and productively. In short, well-designed office furniture works harder so you can work smarter.

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