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January 14, 2015

While most people think of office furniture as a place to sit and work, 21st century designer furniture offerings do so much more than that. But how do you identify stand-out pieces from the ho-hum competition? Let’s take a closer look at what sets today’s extraordinary designer office furniture apart from the rest.

Making An Impression
For better or for worse, first impressions count. And there’s no more important time to make a good impression than when meeting with a potential candidate or prospective employee.

Great-looking office furniture is more than just attractive, it also makes a statement about your company and culture. Is your office decked out with pieces featuring sleek, contemporary lines and mesh fabrication? If so, you’re conveying a bold, fearless and innovative impression to visitors. Or do you prefer classic shapes and luxe, rich leather? If so, you’re displaying a sense of tradition and commitment to timeless values.

When it comes to making an impression through designer furniture, there’s nowhere more important than you lobby or waiting area. If you’ve ever waited for an appointment in an uncomfortable chair or unappealing setting, it likely colored your entire experience. In other words, this is not the space to cut costs. Instead, welcome all of your visitors and set the tone for their interactions by ensuring that your lobby is decorated with the very best furniture you can afford. But don’t just think of it as an expense, but rather as an investment: high-quality furniture lasts longer, meaning you’ll enjoy many more years’ worth of positive first impressions.

Safeguarding Your Employees
Your company isn’t your company without its employees, which is why many of the greatest examples of contemporary furniture prioritize employee wellness beyond all else.

In an era of rising healthcare costs, choosing ergonomic furniture solutions, such as desks and chairs, makes the workplace more comfortable while also protecting the health of your employees. Not only are healthy employees happy employees, but they’re also less likely to have excessive absences, or to require worker’s compensation due to repetitive stress injuries and other health complications caused by non-ergonomic furniture.

Furthermore, today’s employees don’t want to just earn a paycheck; they want to feel like they’re part of something larger than themselves. Investing in ergonomic furniture communicates a message to employees that their health matters to you. In making this pledge, you also foster a critical sense of employee engagement that raises worker morale and can even help prevent high turnover rates.

Multifunctional Matters
Gone are the wasteful days of separate, single use furniture and disjointed, inefficient interior spaces. Today’s most innovative office furniture offers multipurpose solutions designed to meet the needs of the contemporary office worker.

From wired cubicles with built-in file cabinets to mobile office storage systems which can reduce space needs by a whopping 300 percent, today’s designer furniture is all about smart simplification.

But just because a product has many functions doesn’t mean it’s cost prohibitive. Depending on your specific needs, you can find productivity-boosting, multipurpose furniture at a broad range of price points.

Finding the right office furniture can seem overwhelming due to the many available choices on the market. These factors can help you select high-quality designer furniture designed to enhance your overall business success and bottom line.

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