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January 22, 2015

A desk is more than just a surface to get work done, so getting it right really does matter. Your desk is the place where you could easily spend at least as much, if not more, time than anyplace else. Chances are, you log more hours at your desk than you do in a vehicle or on the sofa.

So what goes into getting the right office desk? It's more than buying something durable that lasts, although that's important, too. Here's how you'll know you've got the right workstation for you or your employees.

Adjustability Improves Your Comfort
More than just a funny word, ergonomics means getting the right fit for the person who'll use it. It's not that different from wearing your favorite pair of jeans. When jeans fit great, you're comfortable. When they don't, you can't wait to change into something else. If your neck hurts and your back aches after a day at the office, you need a better fitting desk.

An ergonomically correct desk will be something slightly different for everyone, because everyone is built a little bit differently. But good desks have adjustability in common. A desk that you can raise or lower means your work surface can be in line with your elbow height, which reduces back, neck, and wrist strain. It's a more natural position that helps keep your back straight and your arms relaxed.

Easy-Reach Features Reduce Straining
Storage that's within easy reach is also important. Whether its shelves for binders or file drawers, everything you use frequently should be within reach, without stretching and reaching too far to get what you need.

A desk that has ample space underneath also helps with keeping things within reach. What good is a chair on casters if you never move around? With plenty of room under the desk, you can slide over to reach something that might be out of reach from your position in front of a computer.

Comfortable Executive Office Furniture Desks Dimensions Vary
The Mayo Clinic has something to say about desk dimensions. Desk tops should be about 19 inches deep, and as much as 34 inches high. But of course 34 inches is much too high for some people. A desk that's adjustable up to 34 inches lets you perfect the desktop height to fit the height of your elbow.

There's something to be said for having plenty of room. Although you want everything within easy reach, you'll also want room for making the space your own. An ample desktop gives you room for a plant and other personal items. And if you're worried about keeping an expansive desktop clutter-free, don't. A study by the University of Minnesota found that while an orderly setting does help produce orderly outcomes, a bit of clutter encourages creativity.

Finding the right office desk is part art, part design, and part economics. It won't serve your purpose to find the perfect desk if it doesn't fit into your budget. That's where Cubiture can help. We have a wide range of desks, including used and refurbished pieces that really save you money.

You can buy executive furniture office desks from a big-box store, but the sacrifices you'll make are quality and service. With so many affordable options, Cubiture exceeds what you'll get anywhere else. There's no reason not to contact us today for a free quote.

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