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January 14, 2015

Forget about 40 hours. The average American work week far exceeds that estimate – instead clocking in at a significant 47 hours on average. A whopping 25 percent of office workers, meanwhile — particularly those in higher, salaried positions — report working upwards of 60 hours a week. So if you think the quality of your executive office furniture doesn't matter, think again. Consider these techniques focused on finding the perfect executive office furniture set.

Looks Do Matter
If you're like many contemporary office workers, you may spend more time in your office every day during the waking hours than you do at home. Would you settle for unattractive furniture in your bedroom or living room? Probably not. So why would you settle for less than beautiful in your office?

Today's executive office furniture set is designed to appeal to a wide range of personal preferences. Whether you love the clean bold lines of contemporary furniture or lean toward more classic, traditional styles, there is truly something for everyone. When choosing your furniture, it's important to think about your preferences for style. Materials such as leather and mesh each offer specific benefits — both aesthetically and functionally. Understanding your own needs in advances helps avoid an overwhelming and under-informed shopping experience.

But it's also essential to consider the message you'd like to convey to clients, coworkers, and even your boss. Think of the people who come and go throughout the day: what do you want them to feel when they enter your office? A sense of power? Comfort? Innovation? Each of these things and more can be communicated through the right executive office furniture.

The same applies when it comes to outfitting your waiting areas and conference rooms. Any old table or lobby chairs won't do. Appearance matters more than ever in today's world, and hosting prospective clients and team members in a welcoming setting can strengthen relationships.

Focus on Fit
Spending 47 hours a week in the same location can be hard on the body and soul without the right support mechanisms in place. The right executive office furniture can't help you if you hate your job, but it certainly can foster a kinder, gentler work environment.

One necessity for your long-term health and wellbeing? Ergonomic furniture. Designed to accommodate a worker's individual needs, ergonomic furniture not only keeps you comfortable, but also prevents workplace accidents and injuries.

But all the ergonomic furniture in the world is no use if you don't know how to use it. Take time to understand the functionality of your chair, desk and other pieces. The better you understand how features like adjustability and tilt functions work, the more you can use them to your advantage.

What's Your Function?
You work hard. Is your office furniture doing the same? In a time when office space is at a premium, today's innovative cubicles, desks, office chairs and other executive office furniture pieces are all about enhancing the workflow without taking up excessive space. If your office is stuffed with unwieldy and/or inefficient pieces, it's unlikely that you are functioning to the best of your ability with these obstacles in the way. By looking for furniture designed to accommodate the needs of the contemporary office and office worker, you not only work hard, but also smart.

If you're too busy focusing on your work to put time and energy into finding the right office furniture, it may be time to rethink your strategies. Well-chosen pieces not only support form, but also functionality. In short, you'll not only gain a more attractive environment, but also amp up your efficiency, productivity and even your health and wellbeing. And what's a more worthwhile investment than that? Contact us today.

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