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January 21, 2015

You've seen one office-set up, you've seen them all, right? While many people assume that all office furniture is created equally, the truth is that today's options are more variable than ever before. Read on for some great ideas for setting up your 21st century office space, along with how to score the best deals in the process.

The New Office Space
The contemporary workplace is all about efficiency and effectiveness. Today's educated consumers expect more from the businesses they support than ever before. The consequence? Workers are expected to accomplish more than ever and in less time, too. Setting up a “smart” office space is a simple way to foster productivity and keep clients happy.

Consider cubicles: When the word “cubicle” comes to mind, many people envision a boring beige box. But today's cubicles have evolved to deliver much more than four blank walls. If your employees require privacy and/or quiet, the latest cubicles offer sound-masking technology. And speaking of technology, the era of wires cluttering your work-space has come and gone thanks to built-in, modular electric systems!

But that's not all. Modern cubicles also come with productivity-boosting features, such as built-in overhead storage, filing cabinets, task lighting, and even whiteboards.

Not all work-spaces are the same size and configuration, so why should all office furniture be? Cubicles can also be customized in height, trim and even panel color to ensure that they enhance your office in terms of both form and function.

Space Planning Matters
One way to make sure you're getting the most out of your space? Enlist the services of a space planner. These professionals access your office space and evaluate your particular needs. They can even compile a scaled office layout to show you exactly what the final product will look like!

In short, a professional space planner will not only help you determine the best arrangement for your office furniture, but can also save you time and money by preventing expensive purchasing mistakes when choosing office furniture.

Think Ergonomics
If you haven't yet embraced the ergonomic trend, you're missing a major opportunity to support employee health, productivity, and your bottom line.

While price may guide your purchases, you should also keep in mind that office furniture is an investment. A decision based entirely on short-term financial savings can have long-term implications if shoddy furniture has to be replaced or workplace injuries lead to exorbitant absences and/or workers compensation claims.

Buying for Less
Office furniture is an asset to your company, and buying the best you can afford can yield long-term dividends. Not only does high-quality furniture feature better design elements, but it is also more durable.

But just because you're on a tight budget doesn't mean you can't benefit from today's exceptional office furniture. Many companies sell used office furniture from businesses undergoing liquidation or simply upgrading themselves. Whether you trade in your old furniture or start from scratch, you can take advantage of great deals on everything from refurbished office furniture to filing systems.

Whether you're setting up a brand new office space, expanding or upgrading, selecting the right office furniture is not just a task, but a part of your overall strategic planning initiatives. By exploring all of your options, you can make a decision that will beneficially impact productivity for years to come.

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