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January 30, 2015

Office Space Design Services

No longer just a place to fit in as many work stations or cubicles as you can, the modern office has its eye on efficiency and making the best use of every resource available. Designing a great office isn't an easy job. But doing it well can affect nearly every aspect of your business.

Office space design expert, Tim Springer, PhD, believes that environment plays a significant role in workplace performance. In a design strategy report created for Kimball Office , he explains that we're in an evolutionary period of improvement where office space design is concerned.

So you're aware that there's more to it than buying furniture and having it set up. But what, exactly, do you need to know? Your office and the way you do business will dictate a lot of those particulars. But here are 4 basic tips to help you cover the most important considerations before you invest in new office furniture:

Remember the Technology that You Use
Computers are flatter than ever, and who would have guessed that the humble telephone would undergo so many radical changes in the past few decades? File storage that once required hard copies and banks of filing cabinets is now more digital and takes up no tangible space at all. And who needs a desk lamp when task lighting can come built into new cubicles?

Point being, you don't necessarily need all of the traditional trappings for a modern office. An office from decades ago was designed to accommodate what was used at that time. So think about what you use often, what you wish you had, and what always seems to be in the way. That will give you a clean starting point with no preconceived notions.

Consider the Way Employees Work
Just as technology has changed, so has the way many businesses operate. There are still times when each worker needs his own space. But collaborative work is becoming more common, and that means lower partitions, joined work stations, and clustering work spaces for different tasks. Groupings make sense in nearly every office. You can have a cluster of similar work stations in one area, and a completely different type of cluster someplace else.

Keeping in the same vein as clustering, there's another idea that's becoming more common. When you add break out spaces to your floor plan, you give workers a place that's more relaxed and conducive to chatting about projects. Even if yours is just a small grouping of chairs, these spots are like nests, which are much more organic for brainstorming than sitting around a formal conference table or pulling extra office chairs around someone else's cubicle.

Incorporate Ergonomics as a Standard
The importance of ergonomics can't be overstated. Adjustable height task chairs with proper back support let every worker customize seating to what fits best. Add in adjustable desks, and you've got a comfortable work station where stress-related injuries are less common, straining is reduced, and physical burnout from poor posture is less likely to happen.

It's not just an idea that would be great if it fit into the budget. Even OSHA says that ergonomics helps prevent musculoskeletal disorders in the office.

Use Branding to Enhance the Company Environment
Although it's not critical to good design, branding in the office is one of those extras that encourages team spirit. Instead of looking like any old office, well-placed logos and the right color scheme make your business stand out as something special to employees and clients.

Cubiture can help with branding, too. Custom millwork and a host of finishes that complement your business let you create a work-space that's anything but ordinary.

Chances are, you're no designer. Sure, you can use a tape measure and get a rough idea of how many cubicles can fit into the space you've got. But a professional space planner does so much more, and in such an aesthetically pleasing and efficient way.

That's something else Cubiture offers, and it doesn't cost you a dime. We'll take professional measurements of your office, help you find the furnishings that work, and collaborate with you to use every square inch to its best, and best looking, advantage.

Call us at 713-412-0900 for a free quote today. We have the experience and resources to help your office transform from something dated and boring to something everyone is proud of.

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