Re-Manufactured Cubicles: Covering the Basics

Re-Manufactured Office Cubicles For Sale In Houston, Texas
January 28, 2015
Re-Manufactured Office Cubicles For Sale In Houston, Texas

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Re-Manufactured Cubicles

Whether you're hearing this phrase for the first time or the hundredth time, you still may not be sure just what a re-manufactured cubicle is. This article breaks down the basics of remanufactured cubicles to help you make the most informed decision when outfitting or updating your office.

What are Re-manufactured Cubicles?
Re-manufactured cubicles are simply used panels and panel systems which have been refurbished to “like new” condition after being stripped down to their most basic components.

While used cubicles may undergo mere touch-ups, re-manufactured cubicles are actually re-manufactured with the ultimate goal being a “good as new” final product. Re-manufacturing is far from “touching up.” Rather all panel parts are repainted and/or reupholstered, as necessary. Then, each part is carefully inspected to ensure that it's equal to its original condition.

When it comes to custom manufactured cubicles, this also means that you can select all of the design details, such as panel fabrics, trim, and type of laminate surface.

What are the Benefits of Re-manufactured Cubicles?
The main advantage of selecting re-manufactured cubicles is price. When companies go out of business, relocate offices, or upgrade their current furniture, they often dispose of perfectly good office furniture. Savvy office administrators who opt to buy re-manufactured cubicles can do so with the confidence that they're paying significantly less than full price — a decrease of up to 40 percent in some cases.

Why are re-manufactured cubicles so much cheaper? Primarily because their production costs are lower due to the use of recycled materials. So while they look and function just like new cubicles, the process through which they are made differs. Still, buyers gain all the quality and aesthetic appeal of high-quality cubicles without the exorbitant price tag. Value-conscious shoppers agree that re manufactured furniture offers some of the best deals around.

Re-manufactured cubicles offer another benefit, too. Because they prevent reusable material from ending up in landfills, re manufactured cubicles are a choice you can feel good about. Some estimates suggest that just under three million tons of office furniture ends up in landfills every year, and most of it isn't biodegradable. Many re manufacturing companies also use eco-friendly paint finishes and fabrics to further reinforce the pro-planet theme. And with an increasing number of consumers choosing to support companies with eco-friendly policies, re-manufactured cubicles can also be a strategic business imperative.

Cubicle shoppers looking for durability will be delighted, meanwhile, by the proven abilities of re-manufactured cubicles to withstand the test of time.

Another benefit of re-manufactured cubicles? While ordering cubicles straight from Cubiture's factory can involve a long wait, choosing re-manufactured furniture often takes less than half of time. If time is of the essence, re-manufactured cubicles offer speed with no sacrifice of style or substance.

Where Can You Buy Re-manufactured Cubicles?
Many companies, like leading office furniture seller Cubiture, which sell new office furniture also sell pre-owned and re-manufactured furniture, including cubicles. These companies also offer professional space planning services designed to help you make the right choice when deciding on what cubicles to choose for your office space.

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