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Office Furniture Buy Back & Liquidation Houston Texas
January 21, 2015
Used Office Furniture Buy Back & Liquidation Houston Texas

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Secondhand Office Furniture

An increasing number of budget-minded businesses are opting to buy used office furniture over new when it comes to outfitting or upgrading their work spaces. And while the idea of brand new furniture may initially be appealing, the truth is that liquidated furniture has a number of advantages. Read on to learn a few reasons why liquidated office furniture is a smart choice for today’s savvy business leaders.

Money Talks
Money may be one of the more obvious reasons to consider liquidated office furniture. When businesses fail or expand operations, they often sell their gently used furniture as part of the process. Their loss is your gain. These pieces have often only been used for a few years so businesses that snatch these pieces up gain access to great deals on furniture they might otherwise be unable to afford.

In addition to procuring liquidated furniture for a fraction of its original price tag, you can also benefit from minimal depreciation. While new furniture depreciates quickly — as much as to 25 percent or less of its original cost — high-quality secondhand furniture maintains up to 75 percent of what you paid for it. In fact, its value actually increases when you consider what you’d pay to buy it new.

Furthermore, cheap new office furniture can be seen as a liability: it’s a mere matter of time before you’ll need to replace it. Secondhand furniture, meanwhile, has already demonstrated its capacity to stand the test of time.

Green Matters
High quality office furniture can last for as many as 20 years with the right care and maintenance. By investing in wooden liquidated office furniture, you keep it out of the already over-crowded landfills. Steel furniture, meanwhile, is expensive and labor-intensive to recover and recycle. Neither option is ideal when it comes to containing your carbon footprint.

Buying secondhand office furniture helps you do your part for the planet by reducing both landfill usage and recycling costs. And because today’s consumers are increasingly interested in supporting eco-conscious businesses, buying used furniture can also be an effective marketing technique.

Quality Counts
When you buy secondhand office furniture, you do so with the assurance that you’re getting a piece of furniture that has already proven itself — both materially and mechanically. So while new furniture may come with a warranty, liquidated office furniture comes with proof in the form of its pedigree.

The Need for Speed
While it absolutely pays to be thorough in your selection process, once you have decided on furniture which meets your needs, why wouldn’t you want it as soon as possible? The majority of high-quality office furniture is made to order…which means it can take weeks to make it to your door. Liquidated furniture, on the other hand, is almost always available for immediate delivery. And the sooner your furniture arrives, the sooner it can start working for you within your office space.

While you might think of purchasing secondhand office furniture as a primarily financial concern, the benefits go beyond your budget. From eco-friendliness to guaranteed, proven quality, liquidated office furniture offers today’s innovative business owners a beneficial alternative to buying new.

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