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Office Furniture Manufacturer Sell Direct. Showroom Open To The Public In Houston, Texas
February 26, 2015
Office Furniture & Cubicle Manufacturer Sell Direct. Showroom Open To The Public In Houston, Texas

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Office Cubicle Manufacturer

If you’ve never purchased cubicles or other office furnishings before, the sea of options can be overwhelming. And unlike many home furniture brands, such as Thomasville or Sealy, cubicle manufacturers aren’t necessarily household names unless you’re in the business. You’ll need a way to sort quality manufacturers from those where you’d get less for your money.

The proof is in the pudding, or so they say. So the best cubicle manufacturers are the ones that consistently produce high quality products. Once you know what to look for, your job of furnishing an office is a lot simpler.

Durable Construction is the Foundation of Quality
It doesn’t matter how stylish a office cubicle is, the bones are what make it last. Look for metal construction with durable fasteners that are designed to let you configure, and then reconfigure again and again without stripped fastener openings or wobbly panels.

Tight construction should have smooth, even, finished edges. Misaligned seams and uneven edges are an indicator that the construction isn’t strong.

Flexibility and Optional Features Offer Design Freedom
Although an office isn’t your home, you still want some options in cubicle choices. Simple, basic systems can be very high quality, but when you find durable construction and style in one manufacturer, you’ve got a brand that’s keeping up with the times.

Design flexibility gives you several different assembly choices, so you aren’t limited to only one office layout. And feature options, such as high or low panels, clear or frosted glass inserts, storage, and cork or whiteboards, help you create a more functional office.

Easy to Clean, Long-Wearing Finishes Stand up to Use
A cubicle is only as good as your ability to keep it looking great. Trendy finishes and upholstery fabrics that scratch, pill, or stain aren’t worth the investment.

Look for finishes that are easy to clean and maintain. Scratch-resistant laminates, stain-resistant fabrics, and metal finishes that won’t wear off help cubicles stay looking newer longer.

Ample Access for Technology Improves Efficiency
Today’s office is brimming with electrical devices. Even battery-powered laptops need a place to plug-in and charge. A cubicle system that accommodates several ports and outlets makes the workday more convenient.

Along with the importance of access is tidiness. Cords strung across a desk are in the way. But a system that lets you keep cords together and off the work area makes the cubicle less cluttered.

Choosing a cubicle manufacturer isn’t the simplest job, but fortunately you don’t have to make that decision on your own. We at Cubiture are experts in office furniture, and we have factory-direct purchasing choices that help you get the best cubicles for the best price. We also offer complimentary space planning, which helps you make the most efficient use of the space you’ve got.

Your decision on a supplier is as important as finding the right manufacturer. We have a knowledgeable, friendly staff, and offer in-house service, delivery, and setup of whichever cubicle system you select. Call us at 713-412-0900 for a free quote today!

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