What to Know About Cubicle Office Furniture FR-470

Cubicle Office Furniture For Sale In Houston Texas. Free Office Space Drawing With Free Quote
February 23, 2015
Cubicle Office Furniture For Sale In Houston Texas. Free Office Space Drawing With Free Quote

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Cubicle Office Furniture

You may not have learned everything you need to know about cubicles in kindergarten, but there's plenty of time to bone up on your knowledge with this handy primer. If you're thinking about investing in cubicle office furniture, here's what you need to know.

Customize and Configure
Cubicles are available in a range of sizes to suit your office space. And because they're made of multiple components, they can also be configured to make up a variety of workstations. While fixed wall offices come with no flexibility, cubicles are almost endless in the possibilities they offer to different employees with different workflow needs.

Today's workplaces are increasingly mobile. Employees come and go, cubicle size and shape can be adjusted to accommodate individual requirements. Not only does this bolster productivity, but it also promotes a more positive work environment and enhanced employee satisfaction for everyone from upper level management to call center professionals.

Features and Functionality
Once you've narrowed down your prospective cubicles by size and shape, you can move onto evaluating the various productivity-enhancing features offered by contemporary cubicles.

While cubicles were originally designed to offer American office workers more privacy, they can also support teamwork and collaboration depending on the height of walls. If your employees frequently work collaboratively, than shorter walls are ideal. If privacy is a constant concern, higher walls may be in order.

Electrical wiring is another example of a way cubicles have evolved to support the workflow of the contemporary office workers. While using nearby outlets for your power needs may suffice depending on the proximity of the cubicle to the electrical hookup, this can be an impracticality — particularly if you have many workers using computers and other electrical devices. Many modern cubicles have built-in electrical wiring which not only means easy access, but also less clutter in the form of messy cords.

And don't forget about the importance of storage space. Giving employees easy access to paperwork and other job-related components can maximize workflow. Look for cubicles with built-in cabinets and shelves as well as handy overhead bins. Other innovative cubicle features include everything from soundproofing to task lighting to whiteboards.

Price Matters
Cubicles are available at a variety of price points. While new cubicles are a popular choice, many budget-minded companies are turning to re-manufactured cubicles as an alternative. These offer the same advanced features and functionality as new cubicles but for significantly less. Just as with new cubicles, re-manufactured cubicles can be custom built to your specifications regarding everything from size to fabric to colors.

Making the Purchase
Before making a final decision, many companies enlist the help of professional space planners. Because so many factors go into choosing the right cubicle, these experts can help you determine how best to meet the needs of your workers, office, and budget. Cubiture offers this free space planning service to help you maximize productivity and minimize waste.

Several other factors, such has how cubicles are priced and the cost of installation, may affect your decision, and a professional space planner can help you comparison shop to get the best deal.

While many people assume that all cubicles are the same, this couldn't be further from the truth. By familiarizing yourself with this guide and with all of your cubicle office furniture options, you can make an educated choice which will continue to benefit your company for years to come.

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