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Used Curved Receptionist Desk
February 27, 2015
Curved Receptionist Desk

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Curved Reception Desk

Reception desks come in all shapes and sizes. One increasingly popular, cutting edge style seen in more reception areas, lobbies and waiting rooms? The curved reception desk. Read on to learn more about the many benefits of this shapely and substantive addition to any office decor.

First Impressions Matter
First impressions not only happen in mere seconds, but can be incredibly difficult to reverse, according to an abundance of research. There's little more important than delivering a winning first impression to potential clients — in fact, it can make or break your relationship, particularly in today's competitive business environment. Because your reception desk is the first thing visitors see when they arrive at your office, it's important to spend a bit of time considering the ideal office furniture to fill this significant space.

Curved reception desks offer sleek, modern appeal that can't be replicated by conventional square or rectangular desks. Even better? They can face the whole room — no matter what size — so visitors always feel welcome.

But all curved reception desks are not alike in terms of design. Circular, half-moon and crescent shaped-styles offer different solutions to specific space constraints. Curved reception desks can also be customized with the finish and accents of your choice in order to further enhance the aesthetic appeal of your office.

Whichever style you choose, you can do so with the confidence that it will look appealing from any angle while making a positive and memorable first impression.

Form Meets Function
Work space is a major commodity, and curved reception desks typically offer more space to work than their more traditional alternatives. But the benefits are about far more than just about space: curved reception desks can also enhance functionality thanks to sophisticated design features.

To begin with curved reception desks aren't specifically made to accommodate a single user. Instead, they can seat multiple workers, each of whom can keep all frequently used items within easy reach causing less stress to the body.

And while curved reception desks have traditionally been reserved for larger, corporate offices, the trend is now being leveraged by smaller organization seeking to share the same benefits. In fact, in tight spaces curved reception desks can be tucked unobtrusively into the corner so as not to take over the entire space.

Another desirable feature? Many models come fully assembled for an easy installation and offer modular functionality if and when your needs change.

Some Considerations
In some cases, the shapely construction of curved reception desks can be a challenge to integrate with existing furniture and office layouts. However, this is typically an issue with planning and measurement, not an issue related to the design of the desk itself. In order to avoid this issue, consult with a professional space planner. He/she will take into account all off the measurements of the room as well as your functional needs in order to suggest the best piece for your needs.

Also, budget-conscious companies will enjoy knowing that curved reception desks are available in a variety of price points. While it's incorrect to conclude that more expensive pieces are automatically better, it's also important to select a piece that will hold up to daily wear and tear. After all, if you have to replace it in just a few year, a less expensive desk will actually end up costing more in terms of its replacement cost. When making your decision, think of the purchase as an investment in the ongoing well-being of your business.

Curved reception desk offer a winning blend of style and substance. If you aren't sure whether a curved reception desk is the right choice for your office space, a professional space planner from can help you make a decision that improves both the aesthetics and overall functionality of your office.

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