Enclosed Office Cubicles FR-710

Used Executive Office Cubicles With Door
February 16, 2015
Enclosed Office Cubicles With Door

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Enclosed Office Cubicles

Cubicles. They’re all identical, postage stamp-size, beige boxes with no room for individualization or customization, right? Wrong. This misconception about contemporary cubicles couldn’t be farther from the truth. Of the many different types of cubicles now available to today’s office workers, one of the most creative designs is the enclosed cubicle with a door. Read on to learn more about this innovative spin on conventional office furniture.

The Cubicle 2.0
Cubicles first entered the American workplace in the late 1960s and haven’t left since. What they have done during that time, however, is evolve. While cubicles were born of the need for increased autonomy, they have grown to accommodate teamwork, collaboration, and other hallmarks of the 21st century American workplace.

The truth is that while privacy may be a primary function of cubicles, so is adaptability. Enclosed office furniture with doors offers an ideal solution for employees looking for freedom for distractions while also fostering the ability to connect with coworkers, clients and other visitors in a more conventional, enclosed space.

While a standard cubicle is ideal for many types of work, some set-ups require more than the usual. Enclosed office furniture with doors comes with all the functionality of today’s progressive cubicles — such as built-in storage, shelving, task lighting, and wiring — while replicating the look and functionality of a private executive office without permanent walls.

When workers need to collaborate, the flexibility and design of cubicles offers a handy mode of connecting. But at times when concentrating on an independent task is essential, the benefit of closing a door cannot be overstated.

Need Help?
If you’re unsure whether enclosed office furniture with a door is the right choice for your particular space, it may be time to call in an expert. After all, failure to strategically consider the particulars of your office space can result in a loss of valuable square footage. Whether you’re in the energy, medical, educational, or financial industry, a professional space planner can evaluate your workflow and personnel needs to determine a design that best suits your business or organization.

Why New Isn’t Necessarily Better
If you’ve assessed your space needs and determined that an enclosed cubicle with a door will complement your office space, workflow, and employee needs, you still have another choice to make: buy new, or opt for a used or re-manufactured item.

Re-manufacturing is not a matter of vigorous cleaning. Rather, this intensive process involves stripping a secondhand cubicle down to its core structure than building it back up again with new materials.

For companies looking to upgrade their office furniture without blowing their budgets, this option is a particularly sensible one. Not only do you cut costs, but you also get a high-quality, good-as-new cubicle designed to meet your specific requirements.

While movies like “Office Space,” may have given cubicles a bad name, companies like Cubiture are working to dispel the myths and misconceptions about cubicles and offer an appealing alternative to conventional, permanent walls. The latest trend in enclosed office furniture with doors highlights the innovation offered by today’s new and improved cubicle designs.

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