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Contemporary Office Cubicles
February 19, 2015
Contemporary Office Cubicles

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Contemporary office cubicles are anything but one-size-fits-all. In fact, they come in a variety of designs engineered to meet the specific needs of today’s office workers. What are some of the most popular types of office cubicles in the modern-day workplace? Read on to find out.

The Call Center Cubicle
If you’ve ever tried to make a personal phone call in an open office space, you know the problems are manifold. From loud noise to visible distractions to interrupting coworkers, there are endless potential disturbances which can impede your ability to get the job done. Call center cubicles are designed to counter this problem by maximizing productivity while minimizing distractions.

Call center cubicles can be configured in endless patterns to best meet the needs of your workplace and workers. They are also available in custom sizes to help you optimize your space usage. After all, if you’re spending money on unused floor space, you might as well be throwing it away. And at a time when square footage is more of a commodity than ever, the ability to meet the needs of your telemarketing or sales team without taking up excess space can vastly enhance your ability to meet your budget.

The Executive Office Cubicle
Remember the days of the large, swanky corner office? Today’s businesses are pushing back on what for many has become an antiquated concept. Rather than distancing managers from the employees they support, executive cubicles help bridge the gap among coworkers while promoting teamwork and collaboration.

Executive cubicles also acknowledge that managers may need more space by incorporating areas for meetings.

The Computer Cubicle
Ten years ago, slightly more than half of American workers — or 77 million people — used computers at their jobs. That number has skyrocketed over the past decade. Access to computers has never been more important in the American workplace, which is why cubicles designs to accommodate computer usage are particularly essential.

The internet has further changed the ways people work. Cubicles wired for electric and internet connections offer seamless, uninterrupted connectivity.

The ability to accommodate the comprehensive range of mobile devices — from smartphones to tablets — is another feature that helps computer users efficiently and effectively fulfill their job descriptions.

Each type of cubicle can be further outfitted according to your needs — whether you’re focus is in supporting your employees’ health and wellness through ergonomic options or in complementing the interior decor of your office by customizing your cubicles’ fabric, colors and other aesthetic options.

And don’t underestimate the value of re-manufactured cubicles when making your final choice. These alternatives to paying full price offer equivalent functionality and style for significantly less.

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