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February 25, 2015

The world of cubicles is changing, and you now have more options than ever before. Where at one time choices were restricted to which color fabric and which size cubicle to buy, you now have customization options that are almost limitless.

Cubiture offers a wide range of cubicle choices to suit any company and budget. If your work is all business, or if creativity is the order of the day, the new features that are available let you design something unique.

Low Panels Create a Modified Open Plan
After generations of cubicle arrangements in nearly every office in America, the notion of the open office gained traction. The theory was that removing all of the partitions would encourage collaboration and creativity. But that’s not entirely what happened, and now many offices are looking for a plan that’s someplace in the middle.

Open offices do encourage collaboration, which is a plus. But they can also be distracting, and reduce productivity. Cubicles with segmented panels that allow you to choose your partition height offer the benefits of collaborative work while providing the psychological privacy that’s necessary to concentrate on a task.

Rounded Lines Offer More Comfort
Most offices are filled with straight lines and sharp angles. But curves are actually easier on workers in more ways than one. Newer cubicles and furnishings offer rounded edge and curved desktop choices.

A curved-edge desktop is more ergonomically correct, as it doesn’t put as much pressure on the muscles and nerves in the forearms. And a desktop that has curves instead of corners is more visually pleasing, too.

Conference Cubicles Create Privacy in Open Offices
If your office is primarily creative and the open plan works perfectly for you, you still might need an area where privacy is an option. Conference cubicles create an enclosed island, of sorts, inside an otherwise open office floor plan.

A conference cubicle might have walls that reach the ceiling, or panels that are lower. With stackable panels, you can choose how high or low you want to go. Install a door and glass inserts for natural light, and you have a spot for meetings without distractions.

Colorful Units Enhance Company Style
Most offices are awash in muted grays, tans, or blues. And while there’s nothing wrong with basic tones that aren’t distracting, a splash of color is also nice.

Many modern cubicles accommodate panel sections with fabric in an accent color. If your cubicles are primarily blue, you can add a single section that’s lime green if you like. This works great for company branding efforts, too, especially if your business logo colors are something you want to promote.

Stackable Walls Eliminate Traditional Framed Construction
Perhaps you want a more traditional office, with walls and doors. With stackable walls, you won’t need to hire a contractor to build the framework, and hang and finish drywall.

Stackable walls are similar to cubicles, but you can stack them as high and build them out as spacious as you like. You can insert glass sections for light, doors for privacy, and anything else you’d have in frame construction.

Un-Cubicles Work with Hot-Desk Offices
Un-cubicles are almost the antithesis of cubicles, because they’re not enclosed. But they’re a nod toward cubicles because they are work stations.

Some open offices are moving toward a hot-desk plan. This means anyone can use any desk that happens to be open. More of a grouping of work stations without partitions, un-cubicles work well in offices where employees aren’t in the office all day, where visitors might need a place to work, and where collaboration on projects is common.

The array of choices in cubicle styles and arrangements is growing all the time. And while that’s a good thing, it can also be overwhelming. At Cubiture, we help take all of the guesswork out of furnishing your office. We even include complimentary space planning and project management services.

If you’re opening a new office or thinking about redesigning the one you’ve got, let us help you make the most of what’s available. You’ll find choices that you might not have imagined. And with custom millwork, your office will look like no one else’s.

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