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Contemporary Office Cubicles For Sale
February 19, 2015
Modern Office Cubicles For Sale

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Modern Office Cubicles

Think you know everything there is to know about cubicles? Think again. Celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, the cubicle was an innovative concept when it first debuted in 1965, and has continued to evolve ever since. Today’s modern cubicles offer advanced functionality and a breadth and depth of features which give new meaning to the phrase, “outside the box.” Read on to learn more about what you can expect from today’s modern cubicles, as well as how to choose the best fit for your employee needs and office space.

From Humble Origins…
Cubicles were the brainchild of leading furniture design company Herman Miller’s research team, spearheaded by Robert Probst. At the time, most office workers sat at open desks with a complete lack of privacy and storage. While carrel tables were standard operating procedure in environments like libraries, these privacy-enhancing designs had yet to penetrate the office until Probst came along and forever changed the landscape of the American workplace.

Contrary to common misconception, original cubicle designs were more than mere partitions. They also integrated functional elements, such as vertical storage, display boards, and even standing desk elements.

While many of these features continue to serve contemporary office workers, they’ve since been joined by many other innovative elements.

…To Modern Office Cubicles
The world is a more knowledgeable place today than it was 50, 25 or even 10 years ago, and cubicles help transform this knowledge into more productive workplace solutions.

One change characterizing modern office cubicles in the era of collaboration? Set-ups that allow privacy while also encouraging teamwork and communication between employees. Some cubicles even offer space for meetings! And while smaller cubicles are still ideal for certain workplaces, such as call centers, today’s larger “executive” style cubicles can also support the work of upper level employees.

Mobile also continues to guide changes to workflow, and contemporary cubicles nod at the need for both wired and wireless connectivity for everything from phones and tablets to laptops.

And don’t forget that the science of ergonomics has made huge strides in recent years. From built-in task lighting which spares eyes and prevents headaches to awareness and acknowledgement of the importance of a healthy “reach zone,” today’s cubicles not only help employees work smarter, but also healthier. This isn’t just good news for employees, but also for employers battling high healthcare costs and worker’s compensation claims.

It’s not just about functionality, however. A welcoming and aesthetically appealing office invites employees, clients and other visitors to gather. Different colors, fabrics and design elements ensure a look that coordinates with your overall scheme.

Space Planning Success
But finding the right cubicle is only part of the equation. Another equally important factor? An efficient and effective office set-up.

A professional space planner can mean the difference between wasted space and unnecessary downtime and a smooth seamless workflow. Companies like Cubiture don’t just sell cubicles, but also offer the means to organize your office to its optimal functionality.

Today’s office cubicles don’t merely offer privacy, but also the exciting opportunity for employers to leverage technology into better productivity. Just as the newest generation of workers offer new skills and capabilities, so have the newest generation of cubicles evolved to meet them.

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