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Re-Manufactured Office Cubicles
February 23, 2015

Refurbished Office Cubicles

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While “brand new” is an appealing concept when shopping for office furniture, what if there was an alternative which offered all of the benefits of new furniture at a significantly reduced price? When it comes to today's office cubicles, there is: refurbished. Read on to learn more about the many reasons why refurbished cubicles may be the right choice for your office.

What Are Refurbished Cubicles?

New. Used. Secondhand. Re-manufactured. Refurbished. Many words are used to describe the types of cubicles available in today's office furniture market. It's not surprising that it's hard to keep all of them straight. Here's what you need to know about refurbished cubicles. While they are new, they're anything but secondhand. Instead, they're rebuilt from the ground up to offer a good-as-new alternative to buying new office furniture.

What Are the Advantages of Refurbished Cubicles?

  • Green is Good: More and more companies are seeking ways to embrace eco-friendliness. Refurbished office cubicles help keep used furniture out of landfills meaning your company is doing its part to reduce its carbon footprint and make a difference. In fact, choosing refurbished cubicles can even earn you coveted LEED points in some cases! Today's consumers are choosing to spend their dollars on companies which are willing to embrace green methods so the selection of refurbished office cubicles can also be an effective selling point with clients.
  • A Better Bottom Line: If you're like 99 percent of other companies, meeting your financial goals is a critical objective. Refurbished cubicles offer a budget-friendly way to upgrade or expand your office without investing exorbitant capital. According to some estimates, refurbished cubicles can cost as much as 60 percent less than their new counterparts while offering the same advantages.
  • Modern Functionality: Today's cubicles offer more features than ever before. Whether you're looking for soundproofing, wiring, built-in storage, innate task lighting or one of countless other productivity-enhancing benefits, refurbished cubicles offer all of these and more while meeting the same standards as brand new office furniture.
  • Brand Names Matter: When you buy a piece of brand name furniture, you're paying not just for the name but also for the extraordinarily quality for which that name is known. While it's possible to save money by buying a generic or lesser known brand, you don't know what you're getting in terms of durability and performance. Refurbished cubicles are assured in quality because of their brand name status.
  • Flexibility: While used cubicles also cost significantly less than new cubicles, they lack the above-and-beyond quality of refurbished cubicles. Not only that, but because refurbished cubicles are stripped down to their core and rebuilt again, they allow a breadth and depth of customization options — from color to material to panel size.
    If you aren't sure whether new or refurbished cubicles are the best choice for you, a professional space planner can help you make an educated choice. These trained experts will work withyoutoassess your needs — in terms of your office space, workflow and employee needs — in order to help you reach your overall business objectives.
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