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March 6, 2015

So you've evaluated your office furniture needs and decided on a budget. What's next? Shopping, of course! But knowing where to find the best prices on discount office furniture can be a challenge. How do you ever really know if you're getting a deal? And how can you be assured of quality? Let's take a closer look at these common questions in order to help you maximize your dollars when shopping for discount office furniture.

Know Where To Look
While you may be tempted to run out to your local furniture or office supply store, practice restraint. Not only do many retail stores have less of an inventory, but you'll also be paying retail prices — which can be significantly higher than what you'd find at a specialty store. Not only that, but you won't have the same choices in terms of different types of office furniture, such as remanufactured and refurbished.

While the internet puts a breadth and depth of discount office furniture options at your fingertips, it can also feel like a risk. Gaining access to the full scope of products is helpful — not to mention the ability to comparison shop — but not being able to see, touch and try out furniture for yourself can lead to poor choices and money down the drain.

One way to really know what you're getting while also gaining access to the latest products? Buy from a company that specializes in office furniture systems. Not only are they certain to have what you need to make the best investment, but companies like Cubiture even offer complimentary professional space planning to help you transform individual furniture components into a functional office space.

Know What to Look For
When shopping for new office furniture, many people immediately overlook the idea of buying used office furniture. Why? Because they have inaccurate visions in their heads of damaged, ugly, old pieces. This couldn't be further from the truth. When companies change spaces, expand, or go out of business, they often sell their gently used furniture. Their loss is the gain of the clever businesses who capitalize on these situations by seeking out used furniture options.

Reputable companies like Cubiture only sell the very best, high quality pre-owned furniture that is verified to be in good condition. It's even inspected for your peace of mind. Re-manufactured furniture, meanwhile, undergo a thorough rebuilding from the core up — giving entirely new meaning to the phrase, “good as new.” But because refurbished furniture still technically lands in the “used” category, business who snatch up these pieces do so at deeply discounted prices.

Also, don't forget that while price is a factor, it's far from the only one. Office furniture offers a number of different features many of which translate directly to productivity gains. Taking the time to identify the features which will boost your bottom line is an important part of making smart furniture buying choices.

Consult the Experts
There's an old expression in the fashion business that goes, “Measure once, cut twice.” This adage emphasizes the importance of taking time to find the pieces that are right for you. As with fashion, a large part of it pertains to fit. Why? Because buying furniture that isn't right for your space can be costly. You can save yourself money — and a giant headache — by getting it right the first time around. Utilizing the services of a professional space planner from Cubiture can not only help you find the best pieces — in general and for your particular space needs — but can also help you design your office in the most efficient and effective way. Contact us today.

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