Houston Office Relocation Services: 7 Facts to Know

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March 10, 2015

Houston Office Relocation Services By Cubiture.com

Any administrator or office manager who’s ever contemplated an office move is likely familiar with the stomach-sinking sensation of trying to figure out how to execute the relocation process in the most effective way. The truth is that few companies have the resources, experience, and skilled workers to minimize downtime and maximize efficiency. That’s where relocation services come in. If your Houston area company is undergoing a relocation, here are four things you need to know.

It’s All About Resource Management
As with most things in life, putting together the right team can yield significant results. Consider the expertise of your current workforce: is commercial office relocation among your strengths? Probably not. Designating this type of task to employees skilled in other areas is not only a waste of your talented workforce, but can also lead to employee dissatisfaction and frustration.

Rather than utilizing your employees’ time and effort in this less-than-productive way, enlist a professional space planning expert to manage your relocation needs. This allows your employees to focus on what they do best thereby saving time and money while simultaneously managing employee morale.

It’s More Than Moving Furniture
Think an office relocation is simply a matter of some heavy lifting? Think again. A new office space offers the opportunity for a fresh look at your workflow. Why waste this opportunity by simply moving furniture from one space to the next without considering optimal functionality?

A well-executed Houston relocation can be a strategic initiative, but it largely depends on how qualified you are not only to assess your needs, but also to implement corresponding space solutions. Professional space planners and relocation experts can help you identify what did or did not work in your previous space, along with to determine your organizational goals for the new space.

Companies which specialize in relocation services can also offer help with obtaining any required permits if work is involved. This can prevent any unexpected delays or costs along the way.

It’s All in the Planning
An office relocation involves hundreds of details — both large and small. If one seemingly minor detail is overlooked, it can have a domino effect on the other tasks in the pipeline. But how do you know and thoroughly understand all of the ins and outs of office set up? It’s a big enterprise, but a professional space planner can offer valuable insights into the process. This includes everything from evaluating floor space and furniture to electrical outlets and data/telephone points. The more thoroughly you understand your space and your particular needs for it, the more you can increase the likelihood of getting it right the first time.

Culture Matters
Your office space can enhance productivity and promote collaboration between employees. Or, it can stifle teamwork and interfere with workflow. Unfortunately, the overwhelming nature of relocation can result in the majority of resources being directed to the most practical concerns instead of toward long-term objectives. Hiring a professional space planner can help you address both immediate functionality and future objectives. For many companies this means a balanced combination of contemporary cubicles, clever office furniture systems, and key meeting spaces.

Ultimately, your Houston relocation can be simple and streamlined or frustratingly complex. Choosing the right relocation service can help you enjoy turnkey service in order to hit the ground running in your new space. Contact us today.

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