The Fundamentals of Houston Office Space Planning

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March 10, 2015

Houston Office Space Planning Design Services

Contemporary office space planning is anything but cookie cutter. Rather, the process is guided by a series of specific questions and variable answers related to a number of different practical and strategic issues. Here are some key things to keep in mind when setting up your Houston area office space.

What Are Your Objectives?
Setting up an office space without first considering your goals is a serious oversight. Why? Because the right office space decisions can help advance your strategic priorities, while the wrong ones can impede your progress toward these objectives.

Think about it this way: if your office planning goal is to reduce costs, your methods may vastly vary from one in which the goal is to stimulate creativity. Typical objectives might include enhancing productivity, increasing flexibility, encouraging interaction, attracting and retaining staff, and lowering environmental impact.

Onto the Basics
After you've established your objectives, it's time to consider the core choices faced by every organization involved in the space planning process. Obviously, this includes location. Layout is also a critical issue, and largely depends upon your employees. In fact, one of the most essential questions to ask when deciding on your office concept relates to workflow.

Open and private offices each offer their own allures, which is why many companies find that cubicles offer “best of both worlds” benefits. It's no surprise that these innovative work spaces continue to play an increasingly important role in the contemporary workplace. Cubicles don't just support current workflow, but also potential growth. While conventional walls are fixed and inflexible, cubicles can be reconfigured to accommodate your company's needs as they change.

And don't forget to consider organizational culture, as well. This involves thinking beyond individual workspaces to also consider areas for collaboration, such as conference rooms and other team spaces as well as support spaces, including printing and copying areas, mail areas, break rooms, storage and filing room waiting areas and more.

Form Meets Function
It's not enough to select furniture that meets your needs; it's also essential to select furniture that makes a positive first impression. The competition is stiff in today's marketplace, so choosing office furniture designed to impress everyone from clients to prospective job candidates can help your business stand out from the rest. On this front, there is no are of your office where this is more applicable than your lobby. Pay careful attention when selecting a receptionist's desk, waiting room furniture and decor in these high-traffic areas.

Why Professional Space Planning Matters
Unfortunately, understanding the means through which to optimize the space planning process may be outside the expertise of the typical office manager. Houston area companies are in luck as Cubiture offers professional space planning expertise which can help you not only understand your space, but also to identify the best options for your particular needs. Space planners can also help you formulate a plan to implement these solutions in the most effective, efficient way. By outsourcing this task to trained professionals, you're free to focus your efforts directly on your most critical business initiatives.

Ultimately, there's no one-size-fits all solution to Houston area office space planning, but there are advantageous and disadvantageous ways to set up your office. Addressing the above issues — along with taking advantage of professional space planning resources from companies like Houston's Cubiture — can help you address critical issues, optimize productivity, and boost your brand while achieving the most suitable office design for your most practical needs. Contact us today.

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