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Modern Receptionist Desks
March 9, 2015

Modern Reception Desks For Sale

The reception area is the first thing clients and guests see when they enter your office. It’s where you can really make a statement, and it also has a lasting effect on personnel. When the office looks great, everyone feels better about working and being there.

A reception space can give you a place to showcase your brand, too, and Cubiture can help. Think of this space as the advertisement for your office, where everything that you want employees and visitors to feel can be summed up in their experience inside the front door.

Is it time to update your reception area with a new desk? Here are a few modern ideas to inspire you:

Innovative Designs Show off Creativity
In the heart of the office, work stations are task-oriented by necessity. But in the reception area you can be more creative. This is where interesting design won’t really get in the way of work; instead, it can enhance it.

Think about unusual curves and angles, and how bursts of color and logos can underscore your brand. Another thing to think about with clever design is accessibility. A typical reception desk is designed taller, to accommodate visitors who aren’t seated. But you can make all visitors feel equally welcome with a lower desk, or one that’s bi-level.

Glass Adds a Modern Touch
Glass is very trendy right now, but that doesn’t have to equal a reception desk that’s fully transparent. Touches of glass, or acrylic that has the look of glass, appear modern without sacrificing modesty for those seated behind the desk.

A glass desktop makes a bold statement, and it can be backlit to add more dimension and interest. Frosted panels have transparency without being as prone to smudges. Be sure you choose tempered or safety glass, which most better-quality manufacturers offer. The last thing you want is a shattered panel from setting down a laptop.

Mixed Materials are On-Trend
Mixed materials blend different design styles to create something else that’s unique. Instead of a look that’s fully traditional, urban/industrial, or anything else, it’s fresh and new without being too trendy to stay in style.

Hefty wooden desks don’t look overly rustic with a floating glass or metal top. The reverse is also true. If you choose an ultra-modern looking metal desk, rich wood accents soften it to take off a too-industrial edge.

Your reception area is the quintessential first impression that’s so important. Workers who enter the building find a mood and visitors form an opinion about the business right away. And with the right office furniture supplier, you can craft exactly the right tone.

Cubiture is your source for what’s new, modern, and on-trend in office reception desks. We’ll work with you to find or design a desk that suits your needs and supports your brand.

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