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Office Design Ideas For Small Business
March 6, 2015

Office Design Ideas

It's a grand time in the world of office design. After generations of dressing up the same floor plans with new desks, chairs, and occasionally new carpeting, everything you once knew is being scrapped in favor of something altogether better.

What's new isn't necessarily elements that you can pinpoint. It's more of a shift in theory or work / lifestyle vision than a different way to place furnishings. You should look at it from cruising altitude instead of on the ground. What you'll see is a new office for a new generation where everyone matters, and all share the same benefits equally.

Hot Desks Give Workers Freedom
The hot desk idea is rooted in flexibility. Instead of each worker claiming one office or cubicle as a home base, this design idea includes several work stations which are open to anyone. Technology makes hot desking work, according to Fast Company.

Land-lines are less and less common, and laptops have overtaken desktops in many offices. Everything is portable, including the digital files stored in the cloud or on computers. With nothing to tether workers in one spot, they're free to choose which type of work station fits their mood or tasks of the day.

Secluded Work Stations Afford Privacy When Needed
Not every task is suited for an open plan. Where workers need to concentrate with no distractions, or when confidential material is handled, a sprinkling of secluded work stations within the open office provide solitude without overpowering the whole space.

These stations are similar to booths with 4 partition walls and sometimes a door. If sound is the only distraction in the office, glass walls allow workers inside to enjoy natural light without hearing everyone's conversations. And where more privacy is needed, such as when meeting with clients for sensitive work, solid partitions close off the booths entirely.

Huddle Areas Can Replace Formal Conference Rooms
If your conference room is used for team meetings more than formal ones, a huddle area might make more sense. Instead of the closed off, stuffy room with and expansive table and chairs all around, think about comfortable sofas and chairs in a conversation-friendly circle.

Huddle areas are seating clusters, and usually lack walls, so the office doesn't appear to lose square footage for a room that's seldom used. They're more relaxed than a conference room, which makes them ideal for brainstorming sessions. And because they're not closed off, workers can drift over independently throughout the day and use them as alternative work stations.

Relaxation Zones Cater to Whole-Person Well-Being
More modern offices are turning away from the separation of work and life, blending them as much as possible. Relaxation zones within the office are one way forward-thinking businesses are meeting the whole-person goal.

Maybe your workers are really into yoga, or perhaps video games help high-stress workers let off steam. Or maybe a nap in the office at lunchtime isn't as unusual as it seems. However your workers prefer to relax, you can partition and dedicate some space to it. The space saved by not having a conference room could more than suffice for a relaxation zone that everyone can use every day.

A collaborative, shared-space mentality can help you design an office that attracts in-demand talent. Instead of the traditional layout where each person has her own space, the contemporary idea is that all should share the same natural light and views, the same amenities, and the same opportunities to work together and grow.

The open office fosters transparency, according to Entrepreneur magazine, which is a goal that many companies are working toward. But you don't have to move so far to the extreme that it hinders focus and psychological privacy. There is a place in the middle, and Cubiture can help you find it.

We have space planning professionals who can help you create the right balance. And once you know how you'll use the space, we'll help you outfit it with beautiful cubicles, desks, and other furniture.

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