The Advantages of Buying Office Furniture Direct ML-208

Office Furniture Direct From The Manufacturer
March 31, 2015

Office Furniture Direct

You've got so many reasons to buy office furniture direct, and so few reasons not to. Sure, you can pick up a catalog, browse a chain store, or look around online without the help of a dealer. But do you really know what you're getting?

Buying direct is so much easier than going it alone. It's not just a matter of finding a certain desk or staying within a budget, because you can find either of those nearly anywhere. With a dealer such as Cubiture, you get that and a whole lot more.

Pricing and Selection Can't be Beat
When you buy office furniture direct, you'll find better prices than you'd see in most retail stores and national chains. But that doesn't mean quality is the sacrifice, because it's part of the package, too. Because office furniture is all that we do, we can offer better deals on everything that you want.

Hand in hand with pricing is the selection that's available from a direct retailer such as Cubiture. Instead of a handful of options, you'll have access to lots of new and used partitions, desks, and ergonomic office chairs in finish choices and styles that you can see up close and test drive right in the showroom.

Knowledgeable Staff Helps With Every Step
If you've ever tried to find help selecting office furniture in a store that didn't specialize in it, you already know how important it is to have a knowledgeable staff. To some stores, a chair is a chair is a chair, and the only difference is the price tag or upholstery. Cubiture won't leave you on your own to sort out what's what.

We can demonstrate all of the features of everything that we sell, and help you compare the functions and cost benefits. And once you've made your selection, our team of professionals can set it up, too. You won't have to look for a third party that might or might not be familiar with what you've bought.

Logistics is a Lot Simpler
Oftentimes, choosing what you want is just a small part of refurnishing your office. There's also space planning, accurate measuring, delivery of your furniture, setup, service, and everything in between. Because you're probably not an office furniture dealer, the scope of your project might be a bit overwhelming.

Working with a dealer such as Cubiture means you'll have the help you need when and where you need it. And it doesn't just mean that we help at the point of purchase. Your whole project, large or small, is as important to us as it is to you.

Buying office furniture direct is the smart choice. You might find a reasonable price at one store, or a good selection someplace else. And still another one might offer space planning services for a fee.

Space planning is as important as finding the right furniture, according to the Architect's Handbook of Professional Practice. It makes the difference between an office that's just OK, and one that's efficient to work in. With Cubiture, you get the whole package. And our professional space planning doesn't cost a penny!

Give us a call for your free office furniture quote today at 713-412-0900. We're here to help your office look great and function beautifully.

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