The Commandments Of Great Office Space Design

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March 17, 2015

Office Space Design

A full half of all U.S. employees claim they'd work an additional hour every single day if their workplace was better, according to a survey from corporate architecture firm Gensler. If this isn't reason enough to consider whether your office space is meeting the needs of your employees, then what is? But how do you know whether your office space falls into the refreshing or revolting category? Let's take a closer look at the four commandments of great office space design.

You Must Look Back to Move Forward
Healthy businesses are constantly evolving. If you're office space is not keeping pace with these changes, you're likely stunting both growth and productivity.

While understanding where your existing floor plan is working and where it's failing can take time, it's a worthwhile investment. Ask employees to evaluate how they move through the office layout over the course of the day. Also consider how everything from desk areas to conference rooms are routinely used.

Some signs that your layout is not up to code? Collaborative colleagues have no natural contact throughout the day; employees spend large amounts of time in transit from location to location; and common areas are either over-crowded or empty.

The Workplace Must Suit the Employee
Many people think of office cubicles and desks as one-size-fits-all. While this may have been true decades ago, this way of thinking runs contrary to today's ergonomic-forward approaches designed to support both employees and innovation.

Today's most optimal work-spaces, equipment and office furniture are designed to support the workflow of employees. If these things are instead acting as impediments to the workflow, it's time to reevaluate the efficiency of your space. This relates to everything from noise volume to lighting to storage.

Enlist Employee Input
Sure, you can design your office without input from your employees, but why would you? Of course, opening the door to employee criticism throughout the comprehensive decision-making process can lead to some conflict, but it can also help create a functional, comfortable workplace that supports both productivity and retention rates.

Before making major changes, talk to employees in order to get a feel for their space needs and preferences. Be sure to reinforce that this is a discussion: while addressing everyone's needs may be impossible, the ultimate goal is to create a better work environment for all.

Also, be sure to let employees know about any specific changes along the way, as well as the impetus for these changes. Involving employees in a controlled manner can help create a better work-space while fostering a more engaged corporate culture.

Determine Your Priorities
Meeting every single one of your needs may be an impossibility due to everything from budget issues to space restrictions. By identifying a few key priorities to address — anything from more efficient workflow to greater collaboration — you can also identify the most pressing redesign features.

If you absolutely cannot meet your priorities within your current office space, the question may not be how to redesign your office, but whether it's time to move to a new one.

While understanding and addressing these “commandments” is a valuable enterprise, your organization may ultimately lack the resources and expertise to make the most educated decisions. That's where Cubiture comes in. This leading Houston area office space solutions provider not only sells a broad range of innovative and affordable products designed to enhance your office space, but their trained staff also offers professional space planning to help you implement these commandments in the most comprehensive way. Contact us today.

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